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Wild nutrition and diet

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Hi all! Couple of Q's re Wild Nutrition. Has anyone else used their endo complex supplement? Have been taking it(though struggle to always remember to take it three times a day!) And wondered if others had found it helped?

Has anyone else accessed their nutrition advice? I've cut out everything (gluten, dairy, caffeine, alcohol) in one go (or at least reduced a lot!) but not sure what is helping and what isn't. I wasn't as strict with some things last month (coffee is me nemisis) and feel like I feel worse this month as a result but not sure why. Feel like I'm just trying everything but without any sort of strategy! Would be interested to know how long it took folk to work out what diet changes helped and didn't and if you got any support with it!

Im four months post lap and diagnosis so still quite "new"!

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Hi BikeRiderGirl

I haven't used products from Wild Nutrition so wouldn't like to make a comment about them.

Having been on my own journey with nutrition, I would really recommend contacting your GP and requesting a referral to a Nutritionist, available to you free on the NHS. They would be able to put together a dietary plan and provide guidance for you that is safe for your body. I completed the FODMAP diet which meant that I was able to work out which foods are my triggers 😊 It did take a good 6 months, and still making changes, but it was worth it!

Please do be careful when taking nutritional advice regarding endometriosis from any person or company that doesn't specialise in endometriosis. To this date, there is very little research to confirm which foods/vitamins/minerals help or hinder endo patients.

Hope you find some support with this. Take care.

Thanks so much! This is super helpful. I'm actually about to move from London to Scotland so once I've got myself a GP I'll speak to them about this and get the ball rolling on doing this properly.

Hi! I started using Wild nutrition endo complex about 6 months ago and it’s completely changed my life! (That’s my opinion, it could be due to other changes such as starting acupuncture) but I do believe it’s the tablets too. Though I take all three together so no need to remember to spread it out 🙂 xx

Hi I could have written this same post myself 2 years ago! I am glad you are trying different things and hope that you find what works for you.I too use wild nutrition and found coffee was the worst offender. I also did everything at once then struggled to work out which was the main culprit! Over time I realised it was gluten, but dairy and eggs were fine. I even eventually introduced decaf coffee into my life and that was fine.

I was advised by my endo specialist to do a blood test for intolerances which confirmed a lot of things.

I found speaking to a nutritionist helpful but I found some great free resources on Instagram with endo nutrition accounts that seemed to work for me. It’s very different per person I’ve found. And there doesn’t seem to be an exact cure, some days I ate “perfect” and still had a bad pain day.

So I wish you all the best and lots of pain free days on your journey xx

Hey, I haven’t taken that supplement. I’ve tended not to use supplements though, as I’ve found that some of them (iron tablets and omega 3 capsules in particular) upset my stomach anyway, and then I have that to deal with on top of endo!

I have figured out over the years that dairy and alcohol are triggers of pain for me, but this stuff can all be a bit hit and miss and it can take a long time to figure things out. Also our bodies change - so like, I used to be fine with dairy but then it changed.

I personally am not sure it’s a good idea to cut loads of foods out in one go unless you’re seeing a dietician and/or following a proper ‘elimination protocol’ thing. Otherwise it’s like you’re messing with your diet and nutrition and getting stressed out about it all without a clear plan or end date. And endo is stressful enough as it is!

I suppose the best thing would be to see a registered dietician who knows about endo, if you can get a referral or you can afford to go private. But that’s not realistic for most of us! So maybe try cutting/changing just one thing at a time? Then it’s easier to figure out.

When I suspected that dairy was an issue for me, I actually deliberately ate a lot of it over a couple of days to see what happened (pain got much worse!). And I did that two or three times over a few months to confirm. I wouldn’t recommend this, necessarily, cos I was provoking symptoms! But it did give me a clear answer and I have now completely eliminated dairy. Same thing happened with alcohol - except in that case I didn’t plan to drink a lot in one go, it just happened a few times 😂

Wishing you all the best with it. This stuff is a nightmare to figure out and it can take a long time. You’ll get there! Just be patient and kind to yourself x

Hi, we are all different but diet can make a big difference to symptoms for a lot of people. For me it was wheat, sugar, caffeine, and alcohol that seemed to make things worse. Now I can have the odd lapse and it's fine, but if I have them for more than a few days I notice a difference and can start to feel some pain. As well as seeing what foods make things worse, it's also important to add plenty of anti-inflammatory foods in like fruit, vegetables, ginger and turmeric. Hope you find what works for you.

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