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Raised inflammation markers?

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Hi ladies. I’ve been going through my medical records and came across some results from 2018 when I was trying to get some answers and found results for raised ECR and CRP markers after blood tests. I was never advised of this…DR Google says it can be due to inflammation. At the time my DR did a pelvic exam which was uncomfortable and diagnosed pelvic inflammatory disease, gave me antibiotics and sent me on my way. They made no difference and I was convinced it wasn’t that due to the IBS type symptoms and period issues I was also having. Just wondering if raised inflammation markers are indicative of endo? Thanks x

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Hi! I'm not sure if raised markers are an indicator of endo, but my gp explained to me once (as mine are always raised!) that it could just be raised because your body has a bruise or something that it's dealing with. Which I always have as I'm a clumsy idiot lol!

Having said that, I do have endo (well, hence why I'm here I suppose!) so that would also explain it!

Sorry, I haven't answered your question at all! But just wanted to offer another explanation if possible xx

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Dartmouth93 in reply to EndoSuckss

Thanks lovely that’s interesting to hear! Just was curious…got my lap in November so finally hoping for a diagnosis xx

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EndoSuckss in reply to Dartmouth93

Ooooo, good luck!!!! Got my fingers crossed for you xx

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Hi Dartmout93,

I'm so sorry to hear about the symptoms you are experiencing. Endometriosis is a difficult thing to get a diagnosis for, and i'm sorry you are still struggling to find answers.

If you think you have endometriosis, we have some useful resources on our website about getting a diagnosis with a really useful information pack.


Unfortunately, endometriosis is only diagnosed through laparoscopy and cannot be determined through blood test results. So going back to your GP with your concerns is your best option. The information pack linked above explains exactly what to do and say to your GP. We also have a helpline that you can call and ask any questions you have:

Endometriosis UK helpline: 0808 808 2227

I hope this information helps, and i hope you get answers for your symptoms soon! x

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Hi, my nurse practitioner told me that with Endometriosis the ca levels are normally raised, it's expected but they are no where near levels indicative of cancer.

Hooe this helps x

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H, hope your doing ok.I had the same thing prior to my diagnostic lap. I was told the raised markers can indicate many things imcluding inflammatory bowel and auto immune conditions but is no way a diagnosis. Mine continued to increase and was sent for an mri after many clear ultrasounds. Hope this helps x

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I had raised inflammation markers the first time I went into hospital, they thought it was my appendix as pain matched a bursting appendix. They did an emergency laparoscopy and found lots of fluid in my pelvis. Endo wasn’t diagnosed at this point I stayed in hospital a few days and sent off to be seen as an out patient. Second time this happened they couldn’t explain why they were high and in the end they decided it must be an STI, (tests took a few days to come back) so they sent me home with 4 types of antibiotics to take for 2 weeks. (Due to all the problems I was having I hadn’t had sex in a very long time so I felt fobbed off again) I eventually went private and got diagnosed by laparoscopic surgery and now had a hysterectomy. So yes absolutely raised inflammation markers can be a symptom of endo.

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Hi I had raised markers and I have endometriosis adenomyosis and adhesions. They can spot this on an MRI don’t let them tell you they can’t and avoid surgery at all costs as for me it made me worse x

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These are general markers of inflammation and can be raised with many conditions e.g. infections (accompanied by white cell rises) or conditions like rheumatoid arthritis. Mine were not raised and I am riddled with endometriosis. It is such a tricky disease to diagnose.

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Hi I've looked back at results but can't see either of those, I could have missed them, but no one has ever mentioned it. I had lots of inflammation going on inside. Now you've mentioned it I'm going to ask GP to add to my list last week for a blood test. I have a phone call in the coming week. I requested a blood test thinking I'd get a yes or no text or email. A phone call is better as apparently I have carpal tunnel now. I think there is link with this and Endo as both can kick off at the same time.

Talk to your GP, they should have told you back then, maybe request another blood test, include Vit D, B12, I've asked for CA125, hormones, anything that's to do with nerves (they keep trying to tell me that's the cause of the pain) and all the usual.

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