Hospital records raised more questions than answers :(

I received my hospital records yesterday for my laps 2011 and 2015 but unfortunately the surgeon's writing is illegible and the typed report to my GP doesn't refer to where the endo was found/stage of endo/or which kidney is affected.

Diagnosis: Peritoneal endometriosis. Bowel adhesions. Menorrhagia

Operation: Laparoscopic partial removal of endo from POD & left tube. Hysteroscopy, D&C, Novasure

I have my follow up hopefully next month to "discuss further management of my pelvic pain" and have a list of 10 questions (increasing by the day) to ask.

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  • Unfortunately surgeons do tend to have terrible writing. The only thing I can think of is if you could request for the surgeon to 'translate' into a typed letter. Us nurses tend to get quite good at reading doctors writing as we have lots of practice. Do you have a friend who works as a nurse who perhaps might be able to look at it for you? Did your notes contain any photographs from your op?

  • I have a follow up probably next month I don't have a nurse friend :( No photographs were taken or if they were I didn't receive a copy x

  • Hey Frogga34,

    That some good advice you gave I saw my spec doc at hosp and think they had fotos in file too. coz a proceedure was done yrs ago at another place, can a copy b send to this clinic also i have a friend who is a nurse is it pos she could find out more for me. Dabba hope u get sum answas cheers :-)

  • Hi! Are you in EndoMetropolis Facebook group? If you upload them on there one of the Endo experts may be able to translate them for you - depending on how bad the writing is though!!

  • I am! Will do that thanks x

  • is that just for UK or anyplace hey and r we allowed to upload that info wasn't sure.

  • Sezj, EndoMetropolis has members from all over the World, a lot of UK ones though as well.

    You are allowed to upload any records, surgical notes, laparoscopy photos etc for the experts on there to look at - not sure about the rules on here!

  • hey Acardia77 thanx for reply wonder if can check it out otha way than fb. i in oz :-)

  • No you do need to be on Facebook to be a member, it would be really worth you joining Facebook if you are not already on it. There are Australian members on Endometropolis, but there are lots of other endo groups on there including an Australian one.

    Dr David Redwine & Libby Hopton do have a website too:

  • ok um ment not doing that so thought there web site to have info instead. fb can b issue

  • If you don't feel comfortable with FB or something more public like that, some women just set up / use an alias account!

    It is a closed group anyway - so only members of the group can see all the posts in it.

  • The doctors do get told regularly to make their writing more legible but many of them don't. Hope you manage to get them translated. If not perhaps ask the docs at your next appointment. Good luck. X

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