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We want to hear from you! Which endometriosis topics would you like to hear about in our future webinars?

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We hold monthly webinars hosted by health professionals who specialise in endometriosis. In these webinars they discuss a range of endometriosis topics and also answer questions from the public.

We want to hear from you. Which endometriosis topics would like to hear about in our future webinars? Please can you share your answers below? We will be using your suggestions to create more webinars that meet your needs.

You can see topics we have already covered and what we have coming up here:

Past webinars: bit.ly/3gt3Yje

Upcoming webinars: endometriosis-uk.org/events

Look forward to hearing from you!

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Bowel and bladder endo issues with menopause. How do I access the webinars and when are they held please.


What treatment options are there for those who can’t tolerate hormones?

What treatment is there for the other symptoms of endometriosis apart from the pain which so far is the focus ( bloating, nausea, fatigue, etc)

Endometriosis and peri menopause

What training is given to gps on endometriosis especially investigating it as a possible condition based on presenting symptoms? What’s being done on the ground floor to get the doctors to listen to women and take some seriously when they present symptoms of endometriosis?

That’s a couple of ideas based on own experiences. Hope it helps

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astrocat in reply to Bethleah

Yes to the other symptoms! That would be really helpful.

Why do some women have an immediate failed laparoscopy where endometriosis was removed by excision and by an endometriosis specialist? An no benefit at all even short lived is experienced and pain even seems to be worse then before?

What other options other than hormone contraceptives can be offered to control symptoms?

Coil fitting experiences and why no pain relief is offered to women? For me it has been the most painful experience and the pain even shot down to my legs.

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Yellow17 in reply to Luci20

One week post lap surgery were I was diagnosed and my pre surgery pain has returned. So pleased its not just me that is missing this information!

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Thank you everyone for your suggestions ! We really appreciate it!

World wide many children and adolescence girls affected endometriosis. Girls lost their school and childhood days. We want need temporary solution for girl children to complete their study.

Endometriosis and (in)Fertility.Does ivf medication make endo worse?

Bladder Endo, Recto vaginal endo.

What can we eat or avoid to shrink endo cells naturally?

Many thanks xx

How can the goverment justify these waiting times, and lack of funding into womens health??? Why are women waiting and waiting in pain suffering for so many years? By which point some have then fertility isssues, other issues with other organs. Massive impact on mental health its not just habing a painful period! Its been going on for years and years and they cant blame long waiting times on pandemic as it was bad before any of this.

Totally agree with this.

Hrt and endo, do we or don’t we?

Life after a full hysterectomy - how to deal with internal scar tissue, adhesions, and nerve damage

Endo and the menopause: what happens, what could happen, how can it help or make matters worse etc

Adenomyosis - Is it a hormone issue or immune system problem? Why is there so much confusion?

Tampons - yes or no? Other alternatives

Raising young women to womb savvy? Get to know ones womb

Ways to try and manage symptoms if coming off contraception to try to conceive

foot paintips on exercise

recommendations on books

Endo diets and would consulting a dietician who understands the condition, be helpful?

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