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We want to hear from you! Which endometriosis topics would you like to hear about in our future webinars?

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We hold monthly webinars hosted by health professionals who specialise in endometriosis. In these webinars they discuss a range of endometriosis topics and also answer questions from the public.

We want to hear from you. Which endometriosis topics would like to hear about in our future webinars? Please can you share your answers below? We will be using your suggestions to create more webinars that meet your needs.

You can see topics we have already covered and what we have coming up here:

Past webinars: bit.ly/3gt3Yje

Upcoming webinars: endometriosis-uk.org/events

Look forward to hearing from you!

28 Replies
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Bowel and bladder endo issues with menopause. How do I access the webinars and when are they held please.

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endo_supportmanagerPartner in reply to persil

Hello there, our Endometriosis and the Menopause webinar is on Monday 4th Oct bit.ly/3lMQsZc. I hope this can be of use.

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BBQGam in reply to endo_supportmanager

Can this be watched now? If so where will I find it? Thanks

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What treatment options are there for those who can’t tolerate hormones?

What treatment is there for the other symptoms of endometriosis apart from the pain which so far is the focus ( bloating, nausea, fatigue, etc)

Endometriosis and peri menopause

What training is given to gps on endometriosis especially investigating it as a possible condition based on presenting symptoms? What’s being done on the ground floor to get the doctors to listen to women and take some seriously when they present symptoms of endometriosis?

That’s a couple of ideas based on own experiences. Hope it helps

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astrocat in reply to Bethleah

Yes to the other symptoms! That would be really helpful.

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Why do some women have an immediate failed laparoscopy where endometriosis was removed by excision and by an endometriosis specialist? An no benefit at all even short lived is experienced and pain even seems to be worse then before?

What other options other than hormone contraceptives can be offered to control symptoms?

Coil fitting experiences and why no pain relief is offered to women? For me it has been the most painful experience and the pain even shot down to my legs.

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Yellow17 in reply to Luci20

One week post lap surgery were I was diagnosed and my pre surgery pain has returned. So pleased its not just me that is missing this information!

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CryBaby91 in reply to Yellow17

Did you guys get this resolved at all? Im 11 days post lap and still having pain, in fact I'm worried that it is not ever going to go away :( xxx

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Thank you everyone for your suggestions ! We really appreciate it!

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World wide many children and adolescence girls affected endometriosis. Girls lost their school and childhood days. We want need temporary solution for girl children to complete their study.

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Endometriosis and (in)Fertility.Does ivf medication make endo worse?

Bladder Endo, Recto vaginal endo.

What can we eat or avoid to shrink endo cells naturally?

Many thanks xx

How can the goverment justify these waiting times, and lack of funding into womens health??? Why are women waiting and waiting in pain suffering for so many years? By which point some have then fertility isssues, other issues with other organs. Massive impact on mental health its not just habing a painful period! Its been going on for years and years and they cant blame long waiting times on pandemic as it was bad before any of this.

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Freddie20620 in reply to Crazycatladyjones

Totally agree with this.

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nikkimatt2019 in reply to Crazycatladyjones

I agree there using that as excuses this has been going on way before convid specially with me many years way before convid and us women are suffering serve pain and waiting for what? For are bodys to be more damaged and for it to be to late? That's what they are making us do.

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Hrt and endo, do we or don’t we?

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endo_supportmanagerPartner in reply to EndoJaz

Hi there, we now have two webinars that could give you more information on this area. Endometriosis and the Menopause on Monday 4th Oct bit.ly/3lMQsZc and Medical Management on Wednesday 3rd Nov bit.ly/3ClqfHP I hope these can be of use.

Life after a full hysterectomy - how to deal with internal scar tissue, adhesions, and nerve damage

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Endo and the menopause: what happens, what could happen, how can it help or make matters worse etc

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endo_supportmanagerPartner in reply to Gio73

Hi there, Thank you so much for this suggestion. We nowhave this webinar coming up on Monday 4th Oct. Here is the link: bit.ly/3lMQsZc

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Adenomyosis - Is it a hormone issue or immune system problem? Why is there so much confusion?

Tampons - yes or no? Other alternatives

Raising young women to womb savvy? Get to know ones womb

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Ways to try and manage symptoms if coming off contraception to try to conceive

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foot paintips on exercise

recommendations on books

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Endo diets and would consulting a dietician who understands the condition, be helpful?

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MalachiteAli in reply to Daffodil2021

I am being tested for coeliac disease (already have endo that I am awaiting treatment for) and have read that it's often associated with endo. I seem to be having more and more bowel issues recently. I have been recommended to reduce gluten and have noticed that I seem to get more symptoms after eating bread even though it's homemade. I already eat veggie/vegan mostly, soya free (due to partners dietary needs) and it's a lot to consider going gluten free too. It would be good to hear more about diet for endo.

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Frozen pelvis.. what exactly is this and how risky is surgery

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Endo and the kidneys/bladder

Training for GPS, particularly in recognising symptoms beyond the most commonly known ones.

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Stress and endometriosis - is there a link? Is any research being done on this? I have had some reasonable adjustments applied at work but if stress is a trigger then I may need to think more about this. If this was established then it would help people to speak with HR/OH about what reasonable adjustments they need.

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Guys can you sign and share this plz it's to help us get this made aware of and help us more. chng.it/jSvS54sf

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