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Any else have severe aching in vagina?

Hello just a very random question which may/may not be connected to my suspected endo.

Occasionally ,maybe once a week and before each period (used to be just before period only) I get the most intense ache in what feels like the vaginal walls. It feels like they are contracting and sometimes like they are bearing down. It's a strange sensation which is really uncomfortable and I'm clueless as to the cause!

Doesn't correlate with intercourse or cycle and no pain on intercourse.

Any suggestions/experiences?

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Yes. I have that some days, and it switches sides! It's almost like a really 'tense' ache like I have been contracting the muscles for a few hours?


I get it as well sweetheart. It's not a nice feeling at all. I can relate to your pain. I had my first lap on 14th of April and the only thing I have benefited from the surgery was that period has lessen. Apart from that all the old pain are very much still with me. Hope we all feel better soon. Be brave you are not alone. X

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I get this too, glad it's not just me, I've always thought it was one of the stranger symptoms!



I get pains in my vagina sometimes stabbing pains but I have endo in my vaginal wall so I guess it's that!!


Hi Hun,

I too get this, a 'bearing down' feeling can also be a sign of adenomyosis which is currently what I am waiting to see if I have alongside my endo. I had an MRI scan and get results tomorrow. It won't change the plan of action regarding treatment but I just wanted to know what was causing this weird pain. Maybe speak to your doc about this? But just so you know.... you're not alone!


I have this pain almost 24/7 it's the worst sensation ever !!!! Also aching in my back passage 😔 I have scans next week as have suspected endo !!


I have this too! ...it feels like Ive been kicked in the vagina! Not nice at all I was diagnosed 5 years ago


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