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Pain relief while TTC

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Hi ladies, just needed some insight and opinions into taking pain relief medications for endo while actively trying to conceive. I have stage 3 endo & am currently on tramadol along with naproxen to help take the edge of the pain which helps on some bad days. So recently i came across some study on the net about not taking NSAID while trying to get pregnant as it actually might lessen your chances of ovulating therefore not conceiving, also same thing with tramadol apparently taking it for long term use can decrease your changes of getting pregnant sooner. 😬 I don’t know what to do i need those pain relief pills to be able to survive my bad flare up days plus my dr said its okay for me to take tramadol & naproxen while ttc its safe for me he thinks. Any ideas on whether I should continue or not please let me know ?

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Have you discussed the article with GP? You shouldn’t suddenly come off things like Tramadol and the GP will need to know. If they think it’s opiate based meds that do this, there is Nefopam you could try but I don’t know if there is the same potential, but it’s not opiate based.

Thankyou for your reply :)

No i have not discussed this with my gp i only see my endo specialist when it comes to ttc and endo related stuff. When I first got prescribed tramadol & naproxen he did say that i am okay to take it while ttc, that was 3 months ago & i only saw the article a few days ago. So yeah next time i go to him i will bring it up so he knows.

I will sus out nefopam see if it can be any good in my situation. Thanks again

Hello, I haven’t been diagnosed with endo but I am TTC while managing extremely painful periods. I take codeine, mef. acid and paracetamol. I am also tracking my ovulation with BBT and I ovulate most of the time, so that doesn’t seem to be affected.

I used to be on Naproxen for a different issue and it definitely can affect fertility. My GP was unaware but when I pointed it out she did some research. I don’t know whether you’d need to be taking it every day for fertility to be suppressed rather than just the days of your period though?

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Sarahfres in reply to Lemms

Hii thankyou for your reply :)

Yes i think i am ovulating because i do get all the symptoms for it so i dunno not sure that its been affected🤷🏻‍♀️

Oh okay well since your gp took it on board & did some research i am guessing she agrees its not ideal for fertility so i think I should stop for a cycle or two & see how i go.

Even me I only take naproxen in my mid cycle which when I’m in my endo pain days & thats it, its not a everyday thing likewise with tramadol only when i need it for unbearable pain. Anyway I guess ill have to bring it up to my specialist and get him to do his research & give me his insights again.

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