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Leg pain - relief?

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Hi ladies hope you’re all okay. Last night and this morning I’m having the worse nerve type electric shock pains in my thighs 😩 codeine / naproxen and wheat bags not helping I’m guessing because it’s nerve type pain. Any other suggestions for pain relief? Also anyone else experience this? Thank you x

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HiAfter speaking to the pain consultant today I’m going to try pregabalin and oxycodone for nerve pain.

My pain is abdomen rather than legs. I’ve also asked about a nerve block, he’d need to look into that, but didn’t dismiss entirely.

Also on Amitriptyline for nerve pain, but hasn’t done much

Thanks lovely I’ve read about magnesium oil can help so looking at trying that. I’ve been on amitriptyline in the past and it was horrible made me so sleepy and didn’t really help me either x

Forgotten about magnesium oil, have tried this on and off, but does make my skin itchy sometimes, think it helps a bit. Also a concoction of essential oils, sometimes helps. The oils I’ve mixed myself. Nothing really gets to the crux of it so far

Having the right treatment in the first place may have helped 🙄

Yeah it made my skin itch at first and seemed to sooth a little bit didn’t notice a massive difference so far. I know well that would help in the first place! 😩 xx

I think if there are still adhesions nothing is going to work fully. I’m convinced or just convinced myself I have them around bowel and bladder. As consultant can’t or won’t tell me either way I have to presume I’m correct 😂 as always 🤣

Things any better today for you?

I too experience these nerve pains and no-one seems to understand that this pain is actually disabling. Codeine does not completely take away the pain. I try to relax in a warm bath and take comfort in knowing that the pain is intermittent. I breathe through the pain and cramps as though I am having a labour contraction. Such a horrible condition to live with. Sending you support and hoping you find some peace away from the pain.

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Dartmouth93 in reply to Natagee

Thanks lovely it really is horrible isn’t it. And like you say it completely stops me in my tracks whatever I’m doing. I had a hot bath last night and used magnesium oil after which helped with some codeine so it’s not had bad today. Like you say the only saving grace is that this pain at least is intermittent x

Hey 👋🏻 I suffer with a lot of leg/nerve pain.


On amitriptyline 20mg a night.

And I take magnesium supplements but something a good soak in a hot bubble Bath is very helpful. Hope u find some relief 🥲 xx

Absolutely a hot bubble bath was very much needed last night! Unfortunately amatriptaline doesn’t agree with me but feel a bit better today after a bath / magnesium oil and codeine. I just want a laparoscopy now. I had one last year with a general gynae who said there was nothing wrong with me so I paid to see a specialist in December who thinks endo was missed because of all my symptoms xx

Yeah I have read it’s quite easy to miss which is very off putting isn’t it, are u booked to have one? I was due December but turnt it down as was petrified over the op and Covid.. she said it should be about March now. But oh just started a new job and I dnt no whether be able to get the time of 😭 xx

I know, I wish I had of researched more before I had mine because I wouldn’t have necessarily had it done with my consultant. I’m currently on Prostap to see how it manages my symptoms and I’ve got to see my consultant again in March for a review where we will discuss surgery. If it’s any consultation lovely I started a new job in June last year and had my op in august, they were really understanding about it after I spoke to my manager xx

Oh really that’s good to know, how much time did u need off work for it ??

Yeah I feel my drs don’t inform me much at all with options just put me on birth control or pain killer 😞 and left to deal with it. Coil didn’t help at all just made me have awful periods. But now I’m on pill I have no periods but constant swollen endo belly 🥺🥺cant win xxx

I had a note for a week but ended up having it extended to 2. I recovered okay but I think I was really struggling mentally with it all and needed the 2 weeks. I don’t think 1 week is enough realistically. Yeah they love throwing birth control at us don’t they 😩 it masked my symptoms for years and it’s only when I decided to have a pill break a few years ago I remembered how awful my periods were naturally 😭 I’ve had so many DRs try to make me have the coil but I’ve heard such horror stories that I just couldn’t have it done. Tbf the prostap is helping it’s been 3 weeks and I don’t feel like the symptoms are as bad, just having a few side effects like hot flushes / emotional / had a migraine last week. But I managed to do a load of cleaning last week and didn’t need to get into bed with a hot water bottle and codeine after like usually so that’s defo an improvement! I’m still getting the endo belly and shooting pains / twinges though but it’s only been a few weeks. Endo belly is awful xxx

You can try magnesium bath salts (Epsom salts) I’m using a Westlab one with added CBD oil, it’s called Mindful, bought it in Sainsbury’s. I suffer with severe dysmenorrhea and I’ve been soaking in a bath for 30 mins every couple of days, sometimes twice a day when I have my period and it is working a treat so far, pain is much reduced, haven’t needed any nsaids atm. I know I am magnesium deficient and correcting that and other imbalances working with a nutritionist through food and supplements. Magnesium can be absorbed easily through your skin and it is a nerve relaxant. You can also get magnesium chloride flakes which you dissolve in water and spray onto your forearms morning and evening. Hope that helps you xx

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