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Gyne appointment

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Hi everyone

Well another wasted gyne dr appointment. I’d been referred by another dr for a coil to be fitted. I turned up and there were 5 people in a tiny room. The dr starts to explain about the coil the same pros/cons convo that I’ve heard before. I stopped him mid flow. I told him I’ve not had a period since July. I don’t have heavy periods so how will a coil help my pain???? He was so rude. He continued to speak over me and explain what endometriosis was!!! Please don’t tell me about a condition I’ve have had over 30 yrs plus. Oh well he said. Let us know if you change your mind. 😢😢

3 Replies
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They just fob you off don’t they sometimes I’m currently on a waiting list for another referral I. Have been told it’s 18 weeks crazy amount of time!

Did the doctor offer you anything else? Xx

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Greenlady48 in reply to Prettythings1

No nothing. They have fobbed me off for years now. I’m 50 and have been taking HRT for 1 year. Feel so much better for it. Pain was worse at the beginning as I was still having regular periods. Now they are reducing thankgod. I’m guessing because of the lower amount of hormones

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Prettythings1 in reply to Greenlady48

I am glad they are reducing for you and think it’s awful you had to wait such a long long time xx

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