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Small Endometrioma causing symptoms?


Hi does anyone here have a small endometrioma that causes them symptoms? Or had one? I have 2 on my left ovary, one is just under 3cm and I'm not sure how big the 2nd one is and I think they are the root of all my problems! If you have/had a small cyst causing problems, did/will they remove them for you? Thanks

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I have Endometrioma on both ovaries, one is just reaching over 4cm. I have pain, sometimes pain down my leg, heavy periods & very painful periods, sometimes bleeding after sex & painful sex. I’m having surgery Wednesday to remove it xx

Dinky26 in reply to ChloeL934

Good luck with your surgery! Constant pain in my legs is one of my main symptoms. They are so sore and heavy specially my left leg which is the side they are on

Mine were quite small too but caused me awful pain. Think it depends on your bodies reaction to it. Some people have really big ones and don't feel anything. Mine were excised in March and I feel a lot better now.

Dinky26 in reply to Bubble_by

Glad to hear you are feeling better Now! I'm hoping they will take these demons out of me soon but I'm worried they won't as they are small

Bubble_by in reply to Dinky26

If they find it, they should be taken out. Size shouldn't be an issue when it is causing you pain. Mylaybe mention it to your surgeon if you are concerned.

Ive actually just got back from hospital after being told i have 2 endometriomas about 2cm, one on my left and one on my right. Due to having 2 surgeries in the last year alone they are very reluctant to remove it, even though i am in severe pain so have been sent home with lots of medication! Hope you get sorted

Dinky26 in reply to bellah2020

Where is your pain if you don't mind me asking? I've been put on decapeptyl injections and haven't found any relief yet

Thank you for your replies! I have mainly pain in my legs and a tingling sensation around my lower back and abdomen. The tingling is alot more intense around my left ovary area and I can feel the pressure of them! My legs feel so heavy and stiff it's hard to walk and I really hope they can take them out soon my life is miserable atm :( been really struggling the last 14 weeks. I'm going to see my gyne next week and if she won't remove the cysts anytime soon I'm thinking of paying private, I just worry that because they are small she won't want to touch them.

Yes, I have one of about 2.6 cm. My pain was pain in leg (my consultant said this was referred ovary pain, in the same way it hurts men in the legs if they get kicked in the testicles!), a constant mild ache/pressure in the ovary area, occasional 'white hot' pain that required painkillers, and twinges when gas/food passed through the gut close by the ovary. Consultant said they don't usually remove on NHS until they reach 4 cm (at which stage the pain is often bad enough to warrant removal, and there is a higher risk of torsion).

Mine started in lockdown and I was put on the contraceptive pill Eloine back-to-back, which has been shown in clinical trials to reduce the size of endometriomas within 6 months. I am due another ultrasound to measure it next month (which will be the 6 month mark) but in the last month or so my pain has completely gone, so I'm hopeful it has stopped growing (it grew from approx. 2.3 to 2.6 cm between March and July) and my body has adapted to the size of it, or possibly even shrunk. I am lucky in that I've never had any other endometriosis symptoms.

I have always had Endometriomas on my left ovary. I have had them removed twice (including cystectomy where they actually remove the cyst wall rather than just draining them which is totally pointless as they just refill). Unfortunately ovarian endometriosis is usually a marker for more severe deeper endometriosis of the bowel and rectovaginal endo (have a look at ‘Endopædia’ website). I suggest (if you are in the UK) you look into ensuring you get referred to a BSGE accredited centre for Endo as you are likely to have bowel involvement too and it’s important that you are treated by a specialist team (this is part of the NICE guidelines).

Depending on where you are in your life, you might also need to be mindful of preserving your fertility before you have any type of surgery on your ovaries. Unfortunately both surgery and leaving ovarian cysts can cause damage to your eggs, so it’s not always easy to know what to do. This disease is so horrid, I hope you manage to find some relief.

So I went to see my gynaecologist this morning for my 2nd appointment. I told her about my pain increasing and I've also got constant twitching in both my legs. I asked her if she had the results of my 2nd pelvic scan and she said no they haven't sent it and she needs to see it so I should ask for my report and bring it on my next appointment. She's aware I have a small endometrioma, and another one on my right that wasn't a endometrioma based on my first scan results. She said they were too small to cause any pain or press on any nerves. So I called my doctors and requested my scan results. I've just fetched them. I knew the right cyst had disappeared and I had a new one on my left but I didn't know there size. Looking at my scan results the first cyst which she new about was 18x14x18mm but the new one is 62x49x58mm so that's definatly big enough to cause pain right? And they are both on one ovary! I've had my tape measure out and that's quite big for me I only have a little frame and weigh 7 stone lol

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