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Does anyone else get a foggy brain when they're endo- tired!?

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I work too much for the way I feel which I know needs to change. However I am so frustrated with people saying things like 'how did you forget that' or 'you're really not with it today' or 'calm down it's not a big deal'. I can't multi task very much now, I have to concentrate so hard on things because I feel I'm trying so hard to push past my exhaustion that it's hard to focus on much else! It's like I'm in a different place half the time!

Anyone understand this feeling?

Had a bad day at work ! 😫

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Yes I understand completely! I am currently writing my PhD thesis and I had a couple of days this week where I just couldn't put a sentence together. I couldn't even understand the checklist I'd written down.

It's such an awful illness and it's so hard to explain to others - I'm already at a disadvantage at work because I'm female in a male-dominated lab so I can't speak to anyone there about being unwell because I'd have no hope of being taken seriously in my future career!

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I completely know where you're coming from. I work for a big multinational company and manage a team of 9 people as well as having a significant workload myself. Before being diagnosed I thought I was just underperforming, I wasn't getting through as much work as I should have, was disorganised, letting people down, and became completely overwhelmed. It sometimes would take me ahalf hour to reply to one email!! I ended up working at home most evenings and at the weekend until I became bedridden for almost 8 weeks before having a lap through fatigue. It really is one of the worst symptoms. My symptoms have been coming back over the last few months and I'm beginning to fall behind again at work but I've got it in my head that I'm not working myself into the ground again.

Please take care of yourself. You already recognise that you work too much for how you are feeling, and it can be a slippery slope.

Do you have an occupational health team at your work you can talk to? Is your boss aware of your condition?

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Hi. I'm permanently tired with a foggy brain. I also have constant wooziness, frequent dizzy spells and the sensation I'm moving even when still which is disconcerting. It takes all my attention just to keep upright sometimes. As yet nothing g helps. I hope you find something to help you. Xx

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Thank you to both of you for making me feel like I'm not going crazy! It's exactly how you're explaining it. It definitely slows down everything!

I did my final year of university with a foggy brain. How I succeeded the way I did, I have no idea! But I think it's important to remember your worth, always know it's not because you're stupid it's because your body is off balance. However the hard part is getting other people to see this, instead of them thinking you're just being an air head!

As for Occupational Heath, my close friend is a specialist so I've got some advice from her but I'm really struggling to tell my manager.

I had my dream job and I had to leave last year for being so unwell, I couldn't support myself! They were so great to me. I'm now a waitress just in the mean time ! I hate it and it reminds me everyday of feeling the way I do!

Sorry this reply is so long ! Hope your brain fog clears up !

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It's exactly the same for me, sure I have pain and ruptured cysts etc. But the fatigue is so debilitating ! It's my constant struggle ! I was a dancer so could push my body to such lengths. Do you find that the achiness doesn't go away when you're resting? For normal tiredness sitting down/resting eases the ache. With me it almost makes it worse, it's like if I keep moving I get a satisfaction out of knowing my body can do it.

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I thought it was just how I was!

permanently forgetful and foggy headed. Also find I'm noise intolerant and strong smells make me feel sick? Does this relate to anyone ?

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abigailmoses92 in reply to Bee-74

This is typical of pregnancy as well. All hormone related, I'm the same ! I'm very irritable to extremes but that's definitely hormones I know that ! Response to strong smells is normal.

I think to be honest it's all quite normal, the more I read the more I realise there is hundreds of symptoms to this condition. Many of which aren't addressed when speaking with a doctor as 'typically endometriosis' which is why it can take so long for us to be diagnosed.

Love to you all for being so strong ✌🏼️

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123sickofbeingsick in reply to Bee-74

Yes, when my fatigue is very bad my noise tolerance essentially disappears and I struggle to concentrate. It's almost painful. Same with strong smells. Basically anything that it too strong a stimulus for my brain. I can't even watch tv to try and zone out. And it's so hard to explain to other people because it sounds like i'm just really really 'sensitive' and a bit neurotic.

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Yes to all of the above. Brain fog, intense fatigue (no, It's not tiredness I'd growl to my boss. Tiredness doesn't prevent you from sitting upright in bed and managing to put clothes on), mild visual disturbances, feeling unbalanced/dizzy and the worst for me - certain smells or tastes can make me physically sick. Hence nibbling plain crackers the first 2 days of my period. You are not alone!

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Hi there yes I am exactly the same, I'm going through a really bad time with it at the moment I feel like I don't no what I'm doing from one miniut to another, I feel totally drained and in constant agony, and with being a single parent it's hard as you need to be on the ball. Starting a new job on Thursday and just hope I don't mess it up, the feeling your getting unfortunately is common along with a hell of a lot more awful symptoms xx

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I definitely agree. I sometimes think my memory isn't as great lately because of feeling so exhausted. I guess it effects concentration so I can't remember if I asked someone a question already or what their answer was. Plus I walk the dog each day and like you say I often feel foggy headed which makes me feel as I'm walking like I'm not really there. Like I've either just woken up and not with it and slightly off balance or like I'm dreaming or something. It's the only way I can describe it!

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yes I get that feeling too , your not alone I'm always tired and exhausted and forgetful. Don't get stressed about it just take it easy and get ur rest in when u can. 😊

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Wow I have all of these, I assumed it was down to all the meds I'm taking. It's really bad sometimes I take my meds and five minutes later I forget and take another dose.

I'm also forever tired too but that may be because I often struggle sleeping.

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Yes! I've spent my life thinking I am an idiot with no clue what I am doing, no memory of anything and just being generally confused. My family loving refer to me as 'a bit special' which they all think is hilarious when in fact it makes me want to cry.

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Wow didn't know the smell sensitivity is to do with it. Yes, permanent fatigue that seems to have been there forever and a feeling that I could sleep forever too. X

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