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IUD mirena coil vs jaydess

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Hey :)

I've just got an appointment booked in to have a coil fitted, but the lady on the phone mentioned the jaydess coil which I've never heard of. She said it's smaller compared to the mirena and has less hormones in it.

I'm not too fussed about the length of time it works for, just the amount of pain it reduces!

I've looked a bit online but only found overly complicated medical reports on the subject, and I can't make head nor tail of it.

I couldn't ask her on the phone her opinion, as with COVID she stated to me they can only do the procedure for contraception (she basically told me she wanted to help me but I had to keep focus of conversation on contraception so she could book me in)

Anyone got any experience with the jaydess coil?

2 Replies
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Hi, just wondered if you had jaydess fitted and if so how you're getting on with it? I had mirena 3 years ago but it didn't work out for me. Thinking of trying out jaydess x

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Hey! I ended up getting the mirena - I've heard mirena is only any good for a couple of years and honestly I'm of the same opinion as you - didn't help much. It took away the cramps that never really stopped and replaced with lots of angry stabbing pains and no period to validate in my mind that it's period related. Luckily I've got my lap soon!

Hope things work out for you. I'd suggest just trying it - or at least chatting to a nurse/doctor about it. I went with mirena as it's the only one medically proven or something to help with endo & jaydess wasn't but if I didn't have my lap soon I'd probably be giving it a try!

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