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Hi all,

I'm beginning to wonder if my hot water bottle actually makes my pains worse. I was have awful pains last night so I did my hot water bottle as I often do but felt as though my pains got worse, which I've noticed this before. I've just woken up in agony now and got my hot water bottle yet it seems worse again. Does anyone else get this? My boyfriend as suggested using a cool pad instead as he's said the hot water bottle will be increasing my blood flow more and perhaps making it more inflamed. I've just ordered a heat pad too! 😏

Thanks in advance xx

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  • Hey shuffy

    I was thinking the same too so bought a wheatbag instead and I do think it's better... Not really sure if it was all in my head though.


  • Hi Hayley

    Thank you for your reply :)

    I also have a wheatbag that i use for my neck/shoulders but i have never used it on my stomach but i shall now try this!


  • Try using the hottie with just warmish water and see if it makes a difference.

    Use boiled water to warm the bottle then tip out and put in hot tap water or top up the boiled with cold

  • Hi

    Thank you for your reply :)

    I already try this :(


  • Hi. You're actually right. Cold is generally better for endo, but most of us women prefer the comfort of a hot water bottle. But why not give cold a try? Perhaps it works for you as it does for a friend of mine-she suggested I try cold-I did but preferred to stick with my warmth! Wish you success.

  • hi

    Thank you for you reply :)

    yeah i think i might actually give it ago i suppose i have nothing to lose eh!

    Anything is worth a go :)


  • Don't think I could cope with the cold, I would say the heat is the only thing that helps. I am always cold though, think I am part reptile. Even cold on holiday!

  • hi

    Thank you for your reply :)

    hmm i know I'm not sure i will be able to but i think i am going to try it just to see! Hahaha, I'm currently fighting with my work colleagues as im freezing so i keep closing the window in my office and turning the heating back up but as soon i go out of the office they do the opposite :@


  • Ha, will wait for your verdict! Good luck!! X

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