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IUD coil issues

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Has anyone had recurrent lumps (suspected cysts) on their knickerline only since having an IUD and after every bleed?

I’ve had a lot of odd issues since IUD-these lumps have happened for about 5 months now. It’s always one in exactly the same place. First time it was a boil then a cyst every time since they think?? Every time I bleed they go and come back straight after.

I’ve also had extremely severe pain up inside the vagina which I only ever had with decidual casts but this is worse since coil and I get tiny bits of tissue fall out with it??. I also have more bladder symptoms?? Pressure pains and needing to wee more? Period cramps are more frequent and this is month ten with IUD. Told Dr everything, no one seems bothered by any of it. Desperately looking for others experiences especially with the cysts...

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