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Has anyone had the merina coil put in? I’m very unsure what to do to help with pain?

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Hello everyone I’m looking for advice has anyone had the merina coil put in to help with endometriosis and if so what’s your experiences of this? I’m very unsure what to do :(

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Hi I had mine inserted 7 months ago, my periods have been longer and not helped me at all. But I know lots of people that its been amazing for them no more periods, but unfortunately it’s not worked for me so I’m waiting for a hysterectomy x

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Lily1986 in reply to Cazywazy

I am having a similar experience worth mirena. I have stage 4 and had excision surgery 18 months ago but still having pain and problems so next step is hysterectomy. Have you had previous surgery before having mirena?

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Cazywazy in reply to Lily1986

Hi yes I had laproscopic surgery 7 months ago, not sure what stage wasn’t told but my ovaries were stuck to my bowel and I had 2 chocolate cyst removed. My periods are worse and last week was told I have hernias in both sides of my groin in my lymph nodes that need surgery. I really feel for you as it feels it’s never ending. I’m just hoping they will do the hernia surgery same time as hysterectomy. I have appointment in a couple of weeks with consultant ,hopefully get some more answers then.

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Lily1986 in reply to Cazywazy

Oh wow that’s so similar to me, I had a scan last week which confirmed hernia and something to do with lymph nodes too.

It is usually stage 4 when it involves the bowel. I had it very similar and had ovary and tubes removed on 4th surgery.

I felt I have been the only one that the mirena hasn’t worked for until reading your post.

I really hope they will do both my surgeries together too. My consultant advised that even having a hysterectomy won’t totally relieve pain. Currently signed off work indefinitely.

Best wishes for your treatment. I will add you to my contacts xxx

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Kay167 in reply to Lily1986

Hello I have had three surgery’s now and they wanted to put in the coil but I was very unsure about it so I said no but I wanted to see other’s options on this as I’m so unsure what to do x

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I’m 8 weeks in and to be honest have found it has cAused more problems than help. I live with either heat patches or hot water bottles or both along with paracetamol or ibrophen still x

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I’ve had mine in for 7 months and although I’m not pain free it has helped. I’m also on the pill as it didn’t completely stop my periods. Xx

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Hi, I had mine put in during a lap for suspected endo, they only found a cyst on my ovary.

I had mine for 5 months before begging to get it out. The gyno suggested to give it more time, but I was hungry all the time and putting on weight at an alarming rate. I turned into a hormonal maniac, with some other alarming side effects. Also the bleeding never stopped. I guess it wasn’t right for me, I was unlucky as I had an infection from when the coil was inserted during surgery which probably caused all my symptoms.

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I had mine fitted during my lap. It was agony and I bled most days. Not heavily but no-one wants a never ending period. It made me v depressed and nauseous and I nearly collapsed in pain when out the house. I hoped it would get better but it didn't so after 3 mths I had it out. I couldn't get on top of the pain. I think it's a Marmite thing, you either love it or hate it. I wanted to give it a fair shot but you know your own body and limits. I felt so much better with it out. I'm sorry that's not more encouraging.

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Thank you very much for everyone’s responses! I have decided not to have it! Thank you everyone!!

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I had mine put in two years ago and it was the best thing I've ever done! I had local anthestic and I barely felt it, and it made my periods MUCH lighter.

I read so many horror stories online before, but honestly, I'm so grateful for it.

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You must try it for your self everyone has worries when it comes to the coil I denied it for 3 years and wish I didn’t I wasn’t aware I had endo then had I put it in I might not be poorly now had it in previous but cringed are the insertion process it did stop my periods it’s putting it in what’s cringe try it for yourself or you will never know it could change your life

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Had mine for 5 months! Made a bad situation even worse! Constant pain, headaches, bleeding, acne, sore boobs and mentally was not good! I also had a cyst return even with it! Had it removed and feel better already!! Back to having 1 good week out of 4 which is better than nothing!! It seems it’s very individual for everyone!

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Afrohair in reply to Elb88

Do you mean 1 bad week ?

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Elb88 in reply to Afrohair

Nope 1 good week 3 Bad! 😔 Ovulation pain lasts about 7-10 days and period time about the same too! I’ll still take that over the coil!

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Afrohair in reply to Elb88

I’m so sorry I have pain everyday too things got worse when I started the pill can’t figure out wether I should stop I used to have one bad week or 10 days

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