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What to expect at MRI?


I'm having an MRI for endo /frozen pelvis, it doesn't say anything on the letter but do you have dye injected? Or anything else I should expect? Someone said a sanitary towel would be useful as she was filled with gel? I'm confused!

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Hi, i had the contrast injection. This is the dye used so they can see things more clearly. I would absolutely recommend this as it makes your scan more accurate. It doesn't hurt at all. Nothing to worry about. The most daunting thing about an MRI is the noise. I didn't need a sanitary towel. But if you are on your period, I would ask the nurse if you can still wear this as you have to strip down, just an apron and paper knickers are provided. Remove all metals from your body. I'm sure you are aware of this as you would have received a questionnaire and some other paperwork beforehand. I paid for my MRI privately and I had to have a kidney function test a few days beforehand (just a blood test) this is just precaution to ensure the dye is filtered out and everything works as it should. You may not need this if you are going NHS.

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Ah thank you so much, now I know what to expect! I'm not usually scared of injections I just get really wobbly about gynae exams etc.

Thank you!

I waited 8 weeks for my MRI results as I went to the NHS but it was over the Christmas period so you should be shorter. I would say don’t panic like I did, the machine seems small but remember you are not enclosed and they can see you at all times and hear you too. It’s great for getting a diagnosis and I was in it for around 20 minutes. I had dye injected too, it feels strange going through your veins and it actually relaxed me. I hope you get I’m fine and get answers you are looking for x

Thank you, mine is tomorrow, left it late to panic! But no your replies have really calmed me down so thank you. I don't know what I'd do without this forum sometimes! 😀

It’s a brilliant forum isn’t it, I would be lost without it. You don’t always want to moan or ask family and friends either as sure they get fed up of it lol. Let us know how you get on. You won’t be given any information tomorrow with regards to results, I had to go back to GP :)

Cool, thank you! Xx

Hello melonmelon, it is the Gadolinium contrast that is used to enhance how your images appear to someone reading the scan. It’s not always needed especially in the case of endometriosis patients because the tissue areas are already quite visible. But there are some cases where they will need to have contrast enhanced images. Radiologists sometimes prefer to have enhanced images so that they can evaluate very dense tissue areas within the pelvis. It’s a case by case decision and your gynaecologist would have made this decision because it was suitable for the grade of endometriosis you have.

You might feel a tingling sensation when they inject the contrast but other than that the scan is quite straight forward. The radiographers who scan will go through an information sheet, questionnaire and consent form on the day and they will discuss anything else before you are scanned. Hope this helps.

They are really good at MRI and will advise you and you can get changed. They had lockers for stuff you can't take in. I rang before and asked a few questions.

I had contrast via a vein they put a cannula in. It is noisy and I kept my eyes shut throughout which helped. I wore a hospital gown. The staff were all lovely and they will check you are OK. I found out I have adenomyosis from MRI so was really worth it. Take care and good luck xx

I had an MRI too to see how far Deep Infiltrating Endometriosis had spread, however, I couldn’t have contrast as I had a reaction to it last time I had an MRI for another issue. The MRI Contrast Dye they used which I reacted to was called ‘Gadolinium’. Got a little warm and itchy all over few minutes afterwards and started to get a rash all over too. Sorted out quickly by giving me a antihistamine.

Hey guys thank you, been now. Just in case it helps anyone else this is how it went for me:

Arrived and went to changing room but was fine to wear my smock type dress, just had to take bra off as it had metal clasps. Staff put stuff in a locker for me then ran through questionnaire to double check everything.

I didn't have the dye but had an injection of Buscopan to still the bowel for clearer pictures. Simple injection and only lasts duration of scan.

They made sure I was comfy, had a buzzer and headphones, offered a blanket, my head was mostly out of the machine.

The thing I found most difficult was staying still! I think I was panicking a bit when it first started so my breathing caused a bit of blurring on images! but they were lovely and repeated it. I settled down and went to my happy place for the rest, they do it in bursts of a few minutes and tell you over the monitor, and I was in for half an hour tops (pelvis).

I thought the noise would just be banging but it's also crazy buzzing, whirring, beeping, like a computer or a rave!! Very loud, and it vibrates a lot.

I think I would possibly struggle with a head scan! But maybe they can pop you in and out a bit with them.

Now it's just waiting to see how they will operate! Eek! Fingers crossed for no bowel resection! 🤞🤞🤞

Thank you so much for the support guys xxxx

Hi, dont be scared at all. I didnt have any injection. I didnt even have to take any clothes off, just remove metal items (so I wore trousers without a zip) the machine is loud but it's ok. You'll be fine

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