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Hi everyone, so I started writing a pain diary thought it might help when I meet my new consultant in February and also to keep track of how my pain is day to day. I just worked out I have taken 19 codine, 26 ibuprofen and 5 naproxen in a week! Including using a hot water bottle and heat pads and I’m still in pain. I can’t help feeling like this pain is never going to stop.

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Hey sweety. I am so sorry you are in a bad shape.

why don’t you check out Nancy Nook endometriosis education. One of the lady just mentioned and I joined the group and it had wealth of knowledge. I promise non of you will be disappointed. When signing they ask theee questions and we are not allowed to ask questions for the first week. We have to explore to understand.

I really feel for you, seems like there's a few of us in the same boat. I'm 8wks post opp tomorrow and have to go back to work. I've been on pain killers all day everyday since my surgery. I've used up my allowance of sick leave so I won't get paid now if I need more time off which is so scary. I honestly think the majority of this pain is down to the coil. It's not in the same place where my endo was removed. I nearly keeled over in town last week in a shop with sudden cramping pain in my womb. It was scary. The pain is all consuming. First thing I'm conscious of when I wake in the morning is aching pain in my cervix which is a really crap way to start the day!

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