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Weight gain

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My story with endometriosis started five years ago when I was 24 years old and I was suffering from a painful period. I have gone through different steps in medication I started with decapeptyl, lupron, then I had a lap to remove endo (stage 4) then after the lap I had to take visanne as endo starts to appear again after the lap. Endo cyst size is not growing with Visanne, however, at each time I start a new drug, I gain weight that I can't lose after even stopping the medication. When I started decapeptyl I was 119lb now I am 147lb. I have not changed my diet I am almost following the same regime, however, I am still gaining more and more weight. I know this is not the worst part of endo but I am really started to be very depressed from this continuous weight gain. has anyone suffered from the same and was able to overcome can tell me what can I do to lose the gained weight and stop to gain more?

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Hi, Yes, I've been battling weight gain since my last endo surgery. My endo is back now so I'm on Prostap which has made me loose weight. A friend of mine gained 20 kg after her surgery which she managed to loose with a special diet that includes lots of protein (vegetal and animal), no sugar and no alcohol! I think the alcohol works worst for the endometriosis so might be worth giving it up entirely...

Hope this helps..

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Thank you Brownsugar35 That's useful

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