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Does mirena work


Hi I’m new to this I’ve just been diagnosed with endo on Tuesday and the gyno put the mirena coil in but the pain since has been worse than before it went in I’m on a trial for 6-12 months to see if that helps with the pain as he didn’t want me to have a lap straight away. Is there anything I can do to help cope with the pain as it’s so bad I can hardly walk sometimes

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Personally the mirena was awful for me. I had mine inserted during my second lap for the removal of endo. I had it remove 6 months later. Yes it can take a while for your body to adjust but I found it created different issues and my body constantly tried to reject it. Anything that doesn't seem right probably isn't. Listen to your body you know it best ! Get yourself back to your gp and explain the pain. Otherwise a scorching hot ( and I mean scorching) and some naproxen are the only things that touch the sides for me x

Agree with Gem Sam, if its bad its bad.. if the pain doesnt settle after a couple of weeks I doubt it will.. Give it a month though ( max) and go get it removed. I mean its meant to help you not to make you worse?!?! 😘😘

I know you will be tempted to try and keep going but PLEASE get the mirena taken out. It is literally the devil's claw. It is horrifically painful, my body tried to expel it out of me when I first got it put in, I went back to the docs numerous times saying it was painful, it made me VERY emotional even though they say it won't (absolute BS) and I was forced to keep it in for about 8 months and then I demanded it came out - I tried long enough and it was AWFUL. Since then I have stopped every woman I can from going on it - it is so unnatural and I've realised a lot of the health industry don't care about women's health. Pain wise I am struggling to find something that helps for mine too so I'm sorry I can't be more help there. I put hot water bottles and heat packs to help but I also get really bad hot flushes on my period so that is a hard thing to battle too.

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