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Can anyone advise how many injections you need of Zoladex before you benefit from it. I have had two injections and although it has helped the severe pain in my hips and groin a little it is still painful. My Consultant said it would take a few injections to make it better. I appear to be having many side affects - but no benefit? Any experience?

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In my own case it did take two or three months before I had improvement in my symptoms. It was a rocky beginning as I suffered migraines almost from the beginning and terrible nose bleeds! I did wonder whether it was worth it! However, once things settled I did have some improvement in my symptoms and I am now eight weeks post hysterectomy.

I hope you start to feel improvement soon.

Thank you, I am struggling with it but am happy to put up with all side affects if it takes the pain away. I will have a hysterectomy if the Zoladex works. I hope you continue to recover well.

I had 4 injections which was 4 months i suffered with all the menopause symptoms, aching bones ect so was put on HRT hot sweats/night sweats eased after a month, but i felt that the injections were not helping so i told them i didnt want any more as they were wearing off after 1 week after the injection, im now in more pain then ever they have put me on the contraception pill and awaiting another appointment with the consultant it is never ending, keep with the injections as if they have eased a bit of the pain its better than being in total agony. I kept asking my gp when they should kick in and they said it is trial and error with everyone, my nurse who injected me advised they should work at least after the 2nd. hope this helps

hey i was getting these for 6 months they kicked in after 3 months with me although i was getting all the side effects im no longer on these and waiting for a refferal to a different hospital as my doctor has tryed everything but cant do any more for me hope everything goes well and you feel better soon !

trish x

I have stage 4 endometriosis and having had laparoscopies regularly and a ruptured appendix due to endo I was put on zoladex in preparation for a total hysterectomy in January (im 29 with no children) and I must admit after years of pain all over my body within about 4 weeks of the first injection I had amazing effects, have suffered with headaches and the sweats etc but that is nothing compared to the endo pain i have had and can honestly say I will be sorry to come to the end of my 6 months (next month) as it has been the one and only thing to control my pain and now need the odd paracetamol instead of insane amounts of analgesia x Hopefully it kicks in for you and works as well as it has me, stick with it xxx

I had my zoladex injection a week ago and I'm still in horrendous pain under rib cage and my ovaries. I thought zoladex would help with this pain and it's not at my wits end .

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Sligs in reply to Andyhare

My consultant advised me that if there is no relief with the zoladex then there is something else going on. Fortunately mine has eased and its been under a week for me. This is the third course I've had. I have interstitial cystisis too which has eased. Give it a bit longer then if it doesn't help suggest a laparoscopy to see what's going on.

I have suffered horrendous menoralgia for years, and been neglected by my NHS team until now, when I had to find my own consultant for a second opinion, and am having a hysterectomy this autumn after three month zoladex to shrink the fibroids that give me a 4 month pregnancy size uterus at all times. This implant means I wont bleed to death and can have it out vaginally instead of via tummy and have pelvic floor and rectoseal fixed at same time. I found the stupid Mirena coil they gave me to exacerbate all problems for years as well as affect my mood, but the zoladex is a Godsend. the first time I have stopped bleeding, my tummy shrinking, and feeling like myself for the first time in years, its early days but not a single bad side effect yet and hope at last returning.

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ps it only was implanted last week!

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Glad its helping you. I'm on my 3rd course now and its kicked in already thank God and outs been less than a week. I'm 50 now and praying my periods don't come back as they've started to become irregular. Trying to avoid a hysterectomy!

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