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Thank uou


Hi ladies, I just want to say thank you to all of you. I haven’t posted much on here, but, I have been reading your posts and responses and they have really helped me at what has been the most stressful and painful time of my life. I haven’t connected with many of you but just seeing others have similar situations helps me to feel that I’m not alone on this shitty endo journey, and when we have messaged, it really has helped to feel understood (none of my friends have these issues so as much as they try to help, they don’t get it). Thank you all so much, may you all enjoy Xmas and have a very blessed 2019 xxx

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I feel the same, don’t know anyone who suffers so this site has been amazing.

Hope 2019 is pain free for us all x

maaf in reply to AllthatGlitters


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