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Flare up

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Any tips or advice to try avoid going to hospital?

Started Tuesday with a bad flare up and has been getting progressively worse. Symptoms are horrendous cramps in my stomach and worse when moving, struggling to open bowels as it feels like something is stuck, vaginal/rectum pressure pain and just feeling horrendous. Pain relief doesn’t help (paracetamol/Ibroprufen) and can’t take codeine.

Forgot to mention when going for a wee there is blood when I wipe, I’m on the contraceptive pill so don’t have periods.

Thank you x

3 Replies

I suppose for myself, I've never actually had any sort of help or relief when I've gone to hospital during a flare up - so I don't go any more, I just try and hang in there with hot water bottles and hot baths until the pain passes. I've not had a flare up as long as yours though, so I don't have any other advice xx

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If you have blood in your pee you should get that checked as could be an infection. The hospital are not great during a flare up so I try to avoid unless absolutely necessary. All they will do is supply stronger pain killers and send you home (in my experience!)

I have coping mechanisms developed, mainly hot water bottle and hot bath if you can get in ok. Strong pain relief always on hand and then peppermint capsules for easing the associated stomach issues. It's so hard and I completely understand x


I think u need to have a stronger pain killer . Maybe call ur gp and ask for some prescription painkillers


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