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Endometriosis Flare Up?

Hey everyone! I’m new to this but just wondered if anyone know the answer to this?

I have been suffering with endometriosis since I was 16 (I’m now 21) I’ve had 1 laparoscopy but about 4 months after the pain came back and recently it has been getting a lot worse on a daily basis.

Yesterday me and my partner had sex and straight after I had the worst pain I’ve ever had with Endo. I was vomiting from the pain, collapsed on the bathroom floor, lost the ability to walk or lift my body weight, I couldn’t speak (my boyfriend was asking me questions but I physically couldn’t answer) and the whole of my body just completely lost energy. I couldn’t even lift a glass of water. The pain has now subsided from this but it is still 10x more painful than normal. Is this just a really bad Endo flare up? Or should I get this looked into?

I went to the GP as as per usual she said just go home and take ibuprofen.

Thanks I’m advance everyone 😊

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Oh hun, gentle hugs. Painful sex is such a horrible symptom.

My dyspareunia was a sign of rv endo that I had no idea about for years and became a large nodule that had stopped activities altogether and begun to threaten my bowel wall by the time I had excision surgery. So it could be a symptom of endo in that location and deserves checking out thoroughly. If just to rule it out.

If it were me, I would find a different gp and be pushing to be re referred and if in the UK, given your history, request a bsge centre which has the most expert consultants and specialises in severe and refractory endometriosis.

Good luck xxx


Thank you so much. My last laparoscopy found Endo on the bowel so that’s very true, that could the the case. I’ll definitely try and see if I can see a consultant or something. Thank you so much for all the help xxxx

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That doesn’t sound very normal and I think it’s awful your GP sent you away without a referral 😡 You must see another GP until they listen and act 😀

I agree with starry I think you need a referral and as you mentioned your endo is on your bowel ; only a endometriosis specialist can remove endo from the bowel ; usually they have a colorectal specialist during the op ( bowel surgeon)

I had my first lap last June by my fertility specialist; I conceived but miscarried and to cut a very long story short; thanks to my fertility specialist I was referred to have another lap; it had grown back and there was more endo this time. Endo was removed from pod but again some had to be left as it was on my rectum 🤢 so now I’ve been referred to a endometriosis specialist 😊 I’m prone to it recurring according to my fertility specialist 🤦🏼‍♀️

Good luck with it xoxo


Yeah I didn’t think it was normal either! The GP just didn’t help at all. I have an Endo specialist in Oxford, UK so I’m giving him a call today to see if I can get an appointment with him. I think some Endo was left after my first lap because it came back within like 5 months 😭

Oh I’m so sorry to hear that. You sound so positive considering the situation and you’re a true inspiration. Xxxxx

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Hi Charlotte, how are your symptoms now? Did you see a specialist in the end? I had a laparoscopy 2.5 months ago to remove stage 3 endo and I’ve just had my first really painful period, vomitting and passing out at work, unable to walk. I take mefanamic acic which usually kicks in after about an hour. The previous two periods been fine but I’m worried the endo is back with a vengeance. Also TTC so a stressful time 😞 I’m starting to wonder if the surgery has actually helped?

Take care x


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