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Hemorrhagic Cyst

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Hi everyone.

8 years ago I had examinations and a scan as I was having severe period pain and pain during sex. My GP at the time told me that they found cysts on my ovaries that looked like "chocolate cysts" consistent with endometriosis. He told me that these were very common, that I should just continue to take paracetamol and that these would likely disappear on their own. He said for this reason he did not want to refer me for a laparoscopy. Being 18 years old at that time I felt very silly for 'bothering ' the doctor with such a trivial issue.

Fast forward 8 years and I am still having the pain. That previous doctor left the practice and I have a new female doctor. I went to see her last month asking her to take a look at the previous notes. She examined me and sent me for another ultrasound, this time an internal one, as she said this was likely either polycystic ovaries or endometriosis.

I have in the last week been having extreme pain on my right side.

My scan took place today and the sonographer told me that I had a ruptured hemorrhagic cyst on my right ovary which would explain the severe pain I've been having recently. She said that my left side and uterus looked all ok. She will obviously type up her report and I will discuss the results with my GP next week.

Whilst I am glad that I have an explanation for the recent severe pain on my right side, this does not give me any answers as to why I have severe period pains each month, pain during bowel movements and pain during sex. The sonographer told me that she will recommend that I have another scan in around 8 weeks.

I am worried that my GP will simply tell me to go for another scan and I will get caught in a never ending cycle of having constant scans but no answers for my pain and symptoms.

Can anyone give me any advice? Should I ask my GP to refer me to a gynaecologist? I don't want to leave it another 8 years. I accept that my recent sudden pain on my right side must be down to my cyst rupturing but what happened to the chocolate cysts that were previously apparently there, do they just disappear?


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