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Feeling lost after laparoscopy

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So I had my long awaited laparoscopy and removal of mystery lump in my abdominal wall (c-section scar) yesterday.

The lump was successfully removed, I won’t know if it was endo until I get biopsy results. Surgeon thinks it is.

Otherwise, I was told that my pelvis looks healthy (which is of course a positive)... so what has been causing all my symptoms.

I know I’m in early recovery, apart from these horrific gas pains (any advise on how to relieve is most welcome) and I’m feeling emotional from the anaesthetic, I feel ok..

I’m just baffled by the outcome. I’m grateful and thankful that my pelvis appears to be healthy, yet disappointed that I don’t have any answers.

Once I’ve recovered from the surgery, what do I do? What’s next? I’ve struggled so much to get this op, hopefully the excision of this lump will give me some relief.. but I’ve had most of my symptoms in different degrees for 17 years (except during 3 pregnancies) and the lump appeared 2 and half years ago after my emergency c-section...

Sorry for the ramble.. I’m whacked out from pain meds and anaesthetic.

Can’t help worrying about where I go from here xx

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Unless the surgeon was an endometriosis specialist (check this list BSGE.org/centre) they probably wouldn't poke about in the Pouch of Douglas which is below the womb where your rectum and vagina are because it is hard to get at. It would be quite odd to only have endometriosis in one place. Have you had an MRI? These can pick up endometriosis in places that the surgeons are reluctant to go to.

As far as the gas is concerned look at this post


Also, try peppermint (tea or mints) to actually relieve the wind.

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vmagpie in reply to NW248

Thank you.

I had MRIs beforehand so I guess they didn’t show anything.

He wasn’t a specialist in endo.

I’m drinking peppermint tea but can’t say it’s helping. I’m walking round the house and stretching. Hoping it passes soon xx

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