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Day 1 again, phoenix from the fire


So it’s back on the Zoladex again. It all ended up just a bit too much without it, and although Mother Nature is slowing things down, I’m still not “that old” so something had to happen and surgery just seemed too extreme whilst the Zoladex did pretty much the same job.

Therefore it’s back to the monthly jab which hopefully means with more consistency I can really focus on my training for the London Marathon for Macmillan Cancer Support.

If you’re interested in keeping up to date with my progress, running or with the Zoladex, or Semtex as a friend has kindly christened it, you can follow me on Instagram RunSjRun2019.

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Good luck! How long are you on the Zoladex for?

I’m curious because I’ve been allowed to continue until my menopause which I’m guessing is in 8 years or so.

Idizzy1 in reply to Moonglo


I did about 8 years so far near enough continuously. Just back on it now after 18 month gap as it took 14 months for my cycle to return

Moonglo in reply to Idizzy1

Wow a fellow anomaly! 👍

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