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Zoladex & Tibolone



I was given the Zoladex injection yesterday (didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would, just a sharp sting for a few seconds in the tummy). Now I’m advised to take Tibolone HRT everyday. This treatment is to see how I respond to HRT ahead of a radical hysterectomy.

My worry is, my family have a strong estrogen receptive breast cancer history. Also the reason I found myself back in hospital was due to pelvic pain and a high ca125. They performed a scan which showed my endometrial lining is 25mm thick, I have two Endometriomas on my right ovary and the ovary is complex, bulky and adhered to my uterus :/ I also have a 5cm filling defect (poss polyp, but untested they’re not sure)

My questions are...given my family history and my thick lining, wouldn’t Tibolone be a no no? Has anyone taken it? What were your experiences? Due to staff illness, there was only one consultant and I didn’t feel there was much time to go over everything.

First dose starts today. Hello menopause and goodbye to periods hopefully.

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How long will you be on Tibolone?

It does sound like you’re a higher risk but if you’re only taking it for a short while, it should be ok. I’m not a medical expert though!

I take Tibolone because Zoladex for me is long-term and I need to minimise the risk of developing osteoporosis. So far, I’m clear and prefer taking this than having my horrible endo symptoms.

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