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Newly Diagnosed With Endometriosis

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I am 20 and in September 2018 i had the Laparoscopy surgery and a coil fitted. They suggested the coil to help with my pain. During the surgery they found endometriosis. It was a huge sigh of relief to finally know what's been wrong with me, that people do believe me about the pain and that there is hope to try and treat it. In total it took about 1year of going back and forth to the doctors for them to diagnose it. After my surgery they said that they would refer me to the endometriosis clinic but could take 3-6months, i am still waiting.

Before the coil was fitted i would experience horrendous pain 1 week before, during and 1 week after my monthly cycle. The pain was so bad that it stopped me with day to day life and would reduce me to tears and lots of trips to a&e beacuse i was in so much discomfort.

Since they fitted the coil during surgery, i experience pain more often but it isn't as strong as before and is manageable, most of the time. However i now experience pretty much daily discharge of either brown stuff and a little bit of blood. And also pain during sex has increase (Not that i ever really have it anymore because of the constant discharge).

I can tell that my partner of two years is starting to get frustated at the fact we cannot have sex. It's putting a huge strain on our relationship.

Over the past year my mental health has serverly deterioated and at the moment i'm at my lowest point. Next week i start counselling for the first time in a few years. Over the past 6 months i've put off accepting mental health support but i'm at the point now that if i don't do something about it, i am going to totally lose the plot and everyone and everything around me.

Thank you for reading :)

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Hi unknown1998, I literally feel like I have just wrote that post because I am the exact same as you. I’ve not long turned 21 and was diagnosed when I was 19. The pain is still bad probably worse than it was before so I decided to get the coil fitted in September - I am the exact same getting stringy brown discharge and days of random bleeding, I know they say it takes at least 6 months to settle but it’s not right. My partner of nearly 4 years makes out like he’s fine with it all but it does affect our relationship and I know it bothers him. It’s just an horrendous disease isn’t it!! If you ever want to speak feel free to message me hope your ok 😊

Thank you tinkerbell971 for replying. Wow.. i'm so glad i'm not the only one. Can't believe how similar we are. Thank you, same goes for you :)

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