Once Endo is excised do you no longer have endometriosis?

I had my first lap 12 weeks ago where a small spot of Endo has been removed and a dermoid cyst removed from my ovary. I'm still getting pain which I'm hoping is just scar tissue/coil settling. My husband has never been very sympathetic or understanding and he says that I no longer have it and should stop reading up on it cos it's making me think of more symptoms. It's getting to the point where I don't want to tell him if it hurts etc

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  • See I'm getting pain in various places around the pelvic areas but then I suppose I have scar tissue on both sides. Think I'm more annoyed about his lack of empathy

  • It depends who removed the endo and how trained they are. General gyns tend to miss spots of endo and just laser it off which doesn't get to the root of the problem.

  • I had a lap yesterday and endo removed. He said everything looks healthy now. He did said they is a chance of it returning in 5-10 years. Hope your feeling ok

  • I haven't been in that situation, but for what I have read from other women's experience it can come back. It can depend on the doctor's work and so on. So usually is good to have an approach on different levels, changing your diet, supplementing your self and so on.

  • Hi, I have had numerous operations to remove endo and for me endo comes back really quickly for me. Sometimes within weeks or a few months later I'm in agony. I had endo removed in November 2014 and come February 2015 my pains came back and I knew it was the endo. My hubby didn't believe me and was very unsympathetic towards me. I now am going to have another operation to remove more endo as it has returned in the same place.

    I sometimes don't tell my hubby either that I'm in pain as he just rolls his eyes I at or laughs at me. It makes me feel so lonely and unloved at times.

    Last few months I haven't been able to sleep as my pains wake me up, a few nights ago I was horrendous pain at 3am that I woke my hubby up, I think i scared him about my pains and must have looked awful that he changed a bit he sat with me, he heated up a hot water bottle for me. This nice gesture won't last long, it never does, but I enjoyed it while it lasted.


  • I feel if you have an Incurable disease then surely you always have it even if it's inactive at that point ie. been removed. I felt quite peeved when I read a letter listing I had past endometriosis when I told the consultant who wrote the letter I had endometriosis ,he ws a gatsroenterologist who had me in tears trying to convince me It was just ibs ( I'm due to have severe endo treated in December , my 2nd lap)

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