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Possible endometriosis or ovarian cyst


Hi looking for a bit of advice really. I had my third child in April, had the implant in June ( it's the third implant I've had) and since then my periods have been lasting 3 weeks at a time 2 days off then straight on again. Been feeling ill for about a month and it's just been getting worse, I've lost half a stone and I was only 7 and a half stone to begin with. Been feeling sick, needing to wee a lot more, feeling tired etc I did a pregnancy test which was negative. I collapsed at work on Wednesday and was taken to hospital with suspected appendicitis or an ectopic pregnancy. They did tests decided it was my implant so removed it and sent me home, ain was worse Friday so went to gp who said she thought it was something other than the implant and said she would arrange a scan. I collapsed again Saturday and we went straight back they did tests to say it wasn't an ectopic etc and wasn't Anything too serious, they said possibly endometriosis ( this runs in my family but never had synptoms before ither than longer periods) first doctor i saw said he doesnt think its that as it would have happened before now. They also saidmaybe it's ovarian cysts. They have moved my scan forward to tomorrow but I'm worried. I feel sick all the time, struggling to eat, feeling so drained even not doing much, just want to sleep I'm so tired even when I've slept well, the pain is awful, shooting pain down in my groin, sharp pains in waves in the left part just lower than my stomach, pains going through my hips, legs and back ( I have curvature of the spine and metalwork in my back so I'm used to back pain but not like this) I'm so hungry but can only eat little bits here and there and when I manage to eat a meal I feel really full so quickly. Anyone had similar symptoms? Any advice is greatly received

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I may be wrong and I’m not a doctor but I think your symptoms may point towards adenomyosis. Sorry to hear your having such a rough time. Hope you feel better soon xx

Hi went through exactly the same as you apart from passing out I couldn’t eat still can’t onlu small amounts I’m in continuous pain still I was diagnosed with endometriosis in July hun through laparoscopic surgery also have cysts on left ovary I was fitted with the mirena coil I felt great for the first couple of weeks then bam 💥 pains are back and much worse I’m going to the doctors tomorrow about having mirena out and going to demand a second laparoscopy to see if it has returned I cannot cope anymore I’m constantly tired always want to sleep feels like I have no life left as I’m always sleeping unless I’m out with family of course I have given up in my house duties as I’m always in pain and can’t do much my partner isn’t reall supportive or helpful I have 3 children one 7 one 5 and one 2 so have my hands full

There so yea I can u derstand everything you are going through hope everything goes well for u today hun x


Hi, talkings from my experience - I am 37 no previous difficulties ever with my periods and out if blue this year developed a Endometrioa and now what they think is Endo as pain sounds similar - I am going private for op as had enough of nhs being unhelpful and can’t stand pain anymore. I feel for you as feel they don’t prioritise this condition - they should be doing an op ASAP on you to find out what is going on. Will have my fingers crossed for you xx

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