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Am I Making a mistake?


Finished pre op today, lap is scheduled for next Tuesday. Ultrasound was indicative of adhesions , a band could be seen on ultrasound fixing my uterus and my right ovary appeared to me stuck to my uterus. Also saw cysts on right ovary. My right pelvic pain has been on and off for years. In May I had right side pain(figured bad cycle) , but u ended up in the hospital 3 days for sepsis. My right illiuem and colon we're inflamed and caused serious infection. They suspected Crohn's but later colonoscopy was clear. Since August, pain has been constant and radiating down right leg. So surgery is a diagnositic to check for Endo since ive neeve had a surgery to cause pelvic adhesions and gyno is now suspicious of my bowel issue from May is possibly related. But after all the reading....... Will this lap really be worth it? Am I making a mistake if I remove those adhesions, since well, surgery is sometimes a cause? Can anyone share rhuer experience? Did anyone find relief from removal of adhesions!

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hey, have a read of my post:

"All this effort does pay off - my story - hope it helps !"

you can find it via my profile or searching this site. It may give you the answers you're looking for.

In summary, yes a lap is worth it :) xx

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