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Endo and pcos



I am new to all this and just wanting to know people going through the same thing.

I first found out when I was 17 that I had pcos and that had been the cause for me not having periods until a late age, this was found with ultrasounds and blood tests, this was pain free and something I could deal with.

Since then in the last 2/3 years I have been getting stabbing pains that wake me up during the night, during the day I have to sit down or I feel as though I’m going to pass out it gets so bad. I have been to the doctors numerous times over the last 6 years ( I’m now 24) and finally this August I got referred to a consultant gynae that has sent me for scans and booked for an laparoscopy.

I am wondering if there is anyone with both conditions and how you cope with it? I am getting there but some days I have bad days where all I can think about is if I will be able to have children or when the pain will stop. Currently I am on codeine to stop the pain as I am training to be a nurse and anything stronger will make me to spaced out.

I get pains all in my legs that makes them feel stiff and I am only getting to about 3 o clock in the afternoon before I fall asleep, even though I’ve had a full night sleep. Is this normal? 😫😫

Thanks, emily

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