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Life sucks


Hey, I apologise in advance but this may turn into a rant, I just need to get things off my chest.

Recently, I have been having terrible mood swings and yesterday I just broke down crying late last night. Everything is going so wrong and I feel so lonely due to endo. My parents are away this weekend and I planned a night out but now I've had a pain flare up and I don't know why as I had endo removed nearly 4 months ago. The dull ache has come back again and I'm so bloated. I'm mostly like going to be on my own the next few days as my jerk of a boyfriend cancelled again.

I know I'm due my period next week so maybe its PMS and I used to get pains a week before but its so upsetting that I'm not seeing any improvements to my pain and feel like this is going to be my life forever now (I'm only 19). Constantly in some sort of pain or mood swings

I don't know what to do like I should I go doctors or just wait a few more months.

Any advice would be amazing. Thank you xx

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I’m really sorry, you sound like you are having a tough time of it.

I have personally never felt any relief from any of surgeries to treat endometriosis ( I’ve had 3)

I would see the GP, write all your symptoms down & get them to try a treatment that will suppress your cycles.

My endometriosis also was worse in the running up & period. I didn’t take treatments as we were actively trying for a baby- since becoming pregnant my endo symptoms have eased-obviously not suggesting you try for a baby but maybe get your cycles suppressed & it might ease your symptoms. Once I’ve had my baby I’m going to look at treatment options because I know it will return- my mother in law said you’ll have another baby & thought with how my endo is not a chance I need to manage my endo which can’t be done whilst trying for a baby , I’m don’t think people understand the impact endo has on our daily lives. It’s frustrating- people think you’re sorted because you’ve had surgery to clear it doesn’t always make it better 🤦🏽‍♀️

Also look into the anti inflammatory diet-that helped me whilst I was trying to conceive ( it at least eased my bowels)

Make sure you have adequate painkillers to relieve the pain.

Right now just rest & put yourself first- stressing will make it worse. And you know all us ladies here understand what you are going through xoxo

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Thank you so much. I think of other things like my boyfriend isn’t helping either and I don’t have many friends since I struggle to go out etc.

My GP wouldn’t start treatment because I haven’t had a follow up for my surgery but it’s not till January and I can’t keep feeling like this till then xx

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That is understandable. Can’t your friends come over & watch a film together? Whilst you are not quite yourself.

You must see your GP- you cannot be expected to live with these symptoms- tell them how much it is impacting on your life. Really hope they can devise a treatment plan -they can contact your specialist & hope it can ease your symptoms. xoxo

princessk09 in reply to Hidden

One of my friends is always with her boyfriend and my other friend is kinda stuck to her Xbox.

Ill have to go on Monday as I’m at uni today till late xxx

So sad to hear you've had no improvement and you're going through this.

I'd suggest calling the hospital and seeing if you can get your follow up appointment brought forward. It's not fair on you to have to wait 7mths for follow up. If the hospital won't do anything, contact PALS/complaints team at you local ccg for advice, explain you're situation and they'll hopefully be able to help, if it comes to it, put in a complaint (I know you probably don't want to, but if that gets things moving...)

I personally think it's unreasonable for your GP to expect you to suffer with pain until your follow up January, but do understand that he may not want to prescribe something that could do more harm than good. However, I'd have thought there'd be painkillers and/or anti-inflammatories he could safely prescribe which might help.

The diet thing someone else mentioned is also a good place to start. I know you're quite healthy with it anyway because of your golf and keeping fit, but is there anything else you could try reducing/cutting out that might help?

Finally, we're always here to support you, don't worry about ranting, everyone needs to sometimes!! 😁 Xxx

I contacted the hospital and my surgeon is fully booked till January. I’m gonna see my gp on Monday and explain what’s been going on as this is the worse I’ve felt emotional in a long time. Like I can’t stop crying.

My diet is fairly good but I have the odd cheat day and I go gym when I can in between uni and golf. I need to try changing my diet a bit but it’s so hard as I can’t cook very well xxx

It may be that your GP can prescribe some antidepressants or something to help level out your mood.

It doesn't help that it sounds like your boyfriend is being flaky at the moment.

I'm sure if you told your friends you're struggling they'd come over, if they're true friends they would, no matter what their plans are for the evening/weekend, or meet you for coffee/lunch at uni today maybe?


I’ve asked one of my friends from golf but he hasn’t replied yet as he’s working 🙄 but tbf he’s the one who offers to bring me food during my period haha.

My boyfriend has cancelled 3 times in the last month already so that’s making me even more stressed as he cancels the day before as well with some shitty excuse xx

It takes a while to recover fully, i had those moments too and I felt like my life was being ruined. Stay strong and you’ll get through it xx

princessk09 in reply to AJJ123

Thank you xx

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