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After endless a&e trips n hospital stays caused by my endo flaring further I finally had my laparoscopy at a BSGE centre...they were able to excise all endo that they saw..because of my history of adhesions they were worried there maybe complications...thankfully it was straight forward...now i am 2 weeks post surgery and on the mend... i was told to try out the coil as pills had caused my endo to flare and aggravate my gastritis... should be getting my coil fitted next week...kinda nervous cos alot of my family that have tried it and they have not had a good experience...got to go bck to the specialist in 6 months and if the coil does not work then i have been told that opting for a total hysterectomy is the next option...

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Can't a mini pill do the same job that the coil would do?

I too, heard mirena coil horror stories and I opted for a mini pill instead, and so far so good.

YellowMad in reply to AnnaMae

I tried both pills mini and combined...both just messed around with the pain... I'm trying the coil as an option so i feel i tried everything...

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