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Deep right sided groin pain


After 3 surgeries, last one being 3 yrs ago. I then had 18months of zoladex which I finished over a year ago.

Now I’m on a double dose of cerazette but I’m still bleeding every wk, my body doesn’t know whether I’m coming or going.

I’ve now been suffering deep pain on the right side of my groin.

I just can’t get comfy it’s a deep throbbing pulling pain. I’ve had a lot of Endo removed previously but not pain in this area.

I’ve read it could possibly be round ligament endometriosis????

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Have you had your appendix removed? Just to rule that (and any other thing) out, can you get your GP to book an ultrasound scan for you?

Hi. deep right side pain and a tugging feeling is what I have been left with after my endo removal. The surgeon said I had a large nodule on my right uterosacral ligament which probably involved some nerves and as a result the area is probably damaged so the pain will unfortunately likely last and threres not much I can do. I find hip stretches can relieve some of the tension felt there but’s a bit depressing that the damage seems permanent. It might be worth asking surgeons what hey found on your ligaments. Best wishes.

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