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Did getting the mirena coil help or worsen your adenomyosis?


Hi so 7 days ago I had an laparoscopy due to suffering with awful symptoms for so long and they saw that my womb was 3x the size and looked as if I had a baby although I haven't, I'm only 20 (just turnt) so this is concerning:( they also found a lesion and spot and they've taken a biopsy.

When I woke up he said he's 99% sure that I have adenomyosis and might have endo, he didn't explain why very well but said he'll get the doctor to explain it better with a follow up appointment, probably because the anaesthetic made me out of it lol

I'm so devastated and my life so far has been ruined, I'm only 20 and I have no quality of life.. I can't even work and I look pregnant from the swelling, I bleed almost every day and its like a water full, it makes me anemic, I'm so tired I struggle to shower, I'm in agony excrutiating pain that I'm on 2 dihydrocodeine every 4 hours, 2 mefenamic acid and ibruphon but it's barely helping :( literally nearly faint and throw up with the pain, the pain comes in waves like its a constant ache and then I get this deep tightening/contraction pain as well as severe stabbing and shooting pains..

So far since having the mirena coil on the 18th as well as my op I've been in agony and I'm wondering if this is normal? I honestly don't know how much longer I can go on but I also want to give it a chance :( luckily I'm not bleeding rn only a few days of spotting but the pain is still agony, probably worse than it's ever been :(

I honestly don't know if I should just get it taken out or give it a chance and hopefully get put on stronger pain killers, has this happened to anyone else before it got better???

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Hi Wendy1212,

I have endometriosis and adenomyosis and I can only say that the coil has been an absolute life-changer. Like you, I was crippled with pain from about 14-22. I found school and work awful, and I don’t think I’ll ever forget those periods that didn’t stop for 8 months...

The coil took 4-6 months to properly bed in, but I was told this by the nurse. It was tough but I often thought that 6 months of bleeding and pain has got to be better than the 8 years previously. I stuck at it and I’m so glad I did. I’m 26 now and this is my second coil and although I still have bad patches, they’re certainly bearable.

It is different for everyone though, so you have to do what’s right for you. Something that works for one woman doesn’t necessarily work for the next. I really hope you find some relief soon!

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