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What the Doctor said...is this ok?


I went to see my doctor recently to try and get some answers (having previously been diagnosed with PCOS). Been on the pill 8 years to combat the pain, but had much more severe pain developing over the last couple of years (including severe pain on urination/defecation during periods which I thought may be due to adhesions). The doctor took a full history of my symptoms and did an internal exam to check to see if she could feel any cysts(?). Initially she said she might send me for an ultrasound but after the internal exam she said she couldn't feel anything abnormal so she didn't feel an ultrasound was needed.

She said she was confident enough to diagnose my with endometriosis from my symptoms, and she said to take three packs of the pill at a time so I would have less periods. She said if I could manage my symptoms well enough then assuming my risk factors didn't change, I could continue to do this until menopause (I'm 27 and don't want kids). I am ok with this for now, but I don't know if I am doing myself any harm by not having further investigations at this stage - I know there's nothing to be done anyway except surgery to remove adhesions/hysterectomy (which does not stop symptoms for some people anyway??) so I guess it's just a case of trying to get through it til I hit menopause? Should I be pushing for anything else?

Thanks! xx

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Hey, I haven’t actually had my lap yet, it’s booked for next month. However I have been through all the appointments such as ultrasound and physical examinations, when my gp did the examination I was extremely sore in a specific area and I had a physical exam 3 times, twice at gp and she said that that was reason to refer me to gynae at hospital and the only way you can diagnose endo is with a lap, it doesn’t show on ultrasound exams, although I think there may be an exception with cysts? What I’m saying is push harder to get it investigated. When I was 17 I went in with many symptoms including having 2 periods a month and being in excruciating pain and the gp stuck me on the pill, it helped in a minimal way in that I can control my periods but the pain is the same and I get pain when using the toilet still. I’m 23 now and it’s taken this long to get a gp to take me seriously and refer me. For endo sufferers I think the statistic is an average of 7.5 years to get diagnosed. Try the pill but keep pushing is my advice, the pill isn’t a cure in any case and you have a right to know what’s going on inside your body. Xxxx

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