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Good morning amazing women!!!


Hi, I had my major op done in 2005, had a mirena put in and taken out in 2009. After that was smooth sailing until last year (last year cos I had IVF on NHS and it completely messed my insides up!!!)

Anyway, The mirena worked well for me but I changed my diet drastically cos of my bowel movements. Sometimes endo and too much protein can be a problem so maybe increase natural juices with beetroots, carrots, apple, celery and ginger for ur every morning Pre breakfast drink.... that boosted my immune and I was normal again!!!

After my IVF, my cyst came back within 6 months! I’m not sure what they really do to us when we having egg retrieval but they really messed me up! I and now in constant pain and unable to walk much!!! I have been researching endo for so long and being diagnosed with adenomyosis as well now. I am putting myself on the C9 cleanse.... it’s the aloe Vera cleanse and it’s aloe Vera is meant to be amazing for endo! Let’s see how I go!!! If any of you haven’t tried it, you could look into it or I can update u all after I do it.

I hope some of this helps.

Also, if u are trying to conceive, include acupressure and also find an endometriosis reflexologist!

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