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I was due to start fertility treatment this month but apparently my thyroid TSH level needs to be at 2.5 so have been recommended medication. However, my first two results were at 0.05 (suggesting and overactive thyroid) and my last test went to 4.2 (suggesting underactive). I am being referred to see an endocrinologist but there is a 10-12 week waiting list...seems like there’s no end in sight for me and starting fertility treatment.

Any advice would be much appreciated


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Hi DeeEndo

I had to fight for an endo appointment and referral. I was initially refused by my GP despite having high antibodies ( had to fight for that blood test too). My GP said they were treating me with Levo so wasn't necessary to see an endo.

I too had high and low TSHs which turned out to be Hashimoto's. My fertility clinic were concerned and advised me to be seen by an endo.

It was only after a failed IVF transfer that I managed to get referred. It took 5 months! I had frozen embryos ; maybe ask your fertility clinic to freeze your eggs/embryos. Takes the pressure off a bit.

I'm currently thinking about getting a second/private consultation because the endo just recommends taking Levo, looks at TSH and that's it. Doesn't look at my symptoms or how I feel. Very frustrating.

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