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Post laparoscopy recovery /Codeine withdrawal worries

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Hi, I don’t know if anyone else has had a similar experience post laparoscopy.... I had my first laparoscopy 6 weeks ago and was diagnosed with Stage 3 endometriosis. They removed endo tissue from one of my ovaries but said it was too risky to remove the endo from between my uterus and bladder.

I had very slowly started to feel a little better, so have reduced my co-codomal dose but now the pain has increased, I feel really achey, stomach crampy and generally rubbish, and have started feeling very low. I guess I am probably experiencing some withdrawal symptoms having taken fairly strong pain medication continuously for 6 months now but I am also really worried that I’m just left with a lot of endo pain still, from the remaining tissue.

I have been off work for 6 months and am beginning to wonder if I’ll ever feel better and well enough to go back to work.

Everyone on here seems to have recovered in 2-6 weeks even if they are still in a lot of pain during their period, but I am in some level of pain all the time, it’s just worse during my period and when I’m ovulating.

I’m not taking any hormone treatment as my husband and I want to conceive, but I’m not feeling anywhere near well enough to try for one, and haven’t for 6 months.

Sorry this is long and not very positive, I’m just feeling really low and worried and wondered if anyone had similar experiences?

Thank you.

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