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Could it be endo?


Hi, I'm new here.

I've been reading up for a while and I figured maybe I should get a little guidance before I go to the doctors.

I'm 18 years old and ever since my periods started when I was 12, they have been awful. I used to get horrible digestive symptoms that would result in me spending lots of time off school, it was like having a stomach bug every month. I would spend 6 hours a day in the bathroom doubled over in pain but I thought this was normal, and painkillers sort of helped so I left it.

Once I turned 16 I started taking the mini pill, which helped immensely. However the other side effects of the pill were so bad I had to stop taking it. The bad periods returned after a few months of stopping the pill. After a while I was given the nexplanon implant - which eventually gave me the same nasty side effects of the pill so after a few months I had it removed - I decided I would rather have painful periods over depression.

My periods were then fine and relatively regular since I stopped the implant (November 2017) until around June 2018, when I suddenly started feeling very ill during my periods - feeling sick, dry heaving but not actually vomiting. This lasted for about 3 days. My periods used to only last about 3-4 days and weren't awfully heavy, but very very painful. Since June, they have lasted about 7-8 days and I started taking the mini pill AGAIN. The pill didn't do an awful lot, my periods were lighter and only slightly painful but I was getting a period once every 2 weeks!

The bad side effects from the pill started again (don't know what I was thinking) so I stopped taking it again around 2 weeks ago. I had a heavy, painful period that lasted about 9 days.

Additionally, I have been getting some other weird period symptoms since June that I haven't had before, these include:

- Mild pelvic pain between periods

- A distinct throbbing pain underneath both sides of my rib cage, not intense but it happens every day. Like cramps but not as painful and it comes and goes throughout the day. It is particularly intense and painful during my period but happens between too

- Mild cramping pain during sex and bowel movements, but not unbearable.

Could this possibly be endo? As far as i'm aware there isn't a family history...

Many thanks x

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Hey, I’m 19 and had a lap a few months ago which diagnosed stage 2 endo and a large cyst on my ovary.

I had pretty much all of them symptoms like pelvic pain all the time and pain during sex etc. My periods were unbearable, they still are even after surgery but only for 2 days compared to before.

It could be endo but only way to know is a laparoscopy and being young, it’s very hard to get one or find a gynae who takes us serious. It took me about a year to get answers which is pretty lucky compared to some women who wait years xxxx

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