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Virginia discharge

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Hello endo sisters,

I'm having Virginia discharge. It's colour is transparent I usually have discharge before my periods(my period date is 25) but this month the discharge is so much that I have to change my panty 2 or 3's look like as if i pee in my panty.It worse in morning.It just come out from my panty. It happens in 2 or 4 times in a day. I have notice that the flow is heavy when i stand up after a long sitting. Any idea what it is? I don't have this problem before zoladex shots. I read that this is a side effect of zoladex but I got only 3 shots of zoladex in 2015 since than I have this problem but not that much heavy discharge. I am worried so much.Please help!

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I'm guessing you mean vaginal discharge?

Discharge if normal coloured is okay, it can vary in consistency and amount throughout your cycle. Some women are different, Some medication can change the discharge. It can vary in colour from clear to almost white and consistency from water to jelly-ish. It may have a faint musky odour but shouldn't be really smelly, grey or green, or itchy.

Watery discharge does happen too. It's nothing to be worried about. The "flow" is just gravity and natural contractions when you move around.

I always use panty liners every day so it doesn't soak through my underwear. That could be an idea. Lots of women use them, that's what they're there for!

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