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Pains with the Mirena Coil


Hi Everyone,

So I went for it and had the Mirena Coil fitted almost 2 weeks ago now. It was painful to have it put in but my consultant was amazing and really listened to my concerns as well as me saying that I found all internals excessively painful.

Anyway, I only bled for a day and then nothing at all until about 4 days ago. Very very slight bleeding for 2 days no issues. Then on the 3rd day the cramps started, almost like contractions, they were happening every 15mins or so very strange and almost took my breath away. Then everything stopped from that evening through to the next morning, then yesterday morning the pains started again but this time constant, and excruciating. I have painful periods, but this was another level, I couldn't sit still, or stand or anything with out it killing me! I took painkillers which had no effect what so ever, tried hot water bottles the lot nothing even slightly helped, then at about 5pm yesterday evening it calmed down and again I had an ok night.

Did anyone else experience anything like this? Did you get even worse camping and did it turn out ok?

Sorry for the long rant! Thanks!


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I had the coil fitted a week ago and I’m still in agony with it. I went back on Friday and was scanned but it was the perfect position so it was left in and I was told it’s normal to get bad pains. It’s the worst pain ever and definitely feels like contractions x

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