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New pains

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Has anyone else developed frequent urination where sometimes you feel like you have to rush to the toilet because you're leaking but you have only just used the toilet? Also, my abdomen hurts every time I need to go to the toilet (for either reason) and passing gas is getting frequently more painful. Most recently, everytime I try to have sex it causes me to feel like I'm about to wet myself as soon as any internal pressure begins and then it just becomes very internally painful (my bf is unaware of the extent of this new pain.)

I am not diagnosed with endo after a negative lap, I haven't seen my gynae since my lap as he had someone cover his clinic appointments and I'm waiting for a pain clinic referral.

Any advice regarding these new developing symptoms would be appreciated as I don't know whether to go to the doctors and ask my gp what he thinks.

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Hi I constantly go to the toilet and pee, can’t pass a toilet without using it. I use to think it was “normal” but it’s not after you see others not going for hours on end. Intercourse for me is painful too, can be absolute agony at times :( go back to your GP and get some advice x

Thanks for the reassurance, will most likely go to the doctors by the end of the week. Battling some kind of flare up today (still not sure if its endo etc) as well as a migraine so just sleeping a lot which is nice for once x

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