Endo and bowel?!

Hi all, I have wrote on here recently about being extremely swollen and had some comments back which made me feel like I wasn't alone. This post is just really to ask if anyone experiences any pain when going to the toilet. I have only just noticed recently that my pain worsens when going to the toilet, my bowels aren't regular, some times I can go 4/5 times a day then in the same day can be extremely constipated. The pain when going to the toilet is around my left ovary and is excruciating, has anyone else experienced anything like this? I am going for my lap on the 10th so will hopefully sort me out. Any comments will be greatly appreciated xx

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I don't know exactly where and how much, stage etc endo I've got as the NHS consultants have not been very forthcoming with information so I don't know if I have it on the bowel. My main symptom is bowel pain/ discomfort similar to you. I have noticed that when I push for a number 2 my right ovary hurts. I also feel very 'bruised' after a bowel movement all over my abdomen. I'm hoping all my being that this improves after my exicision surgery!

Yes. Bowel problems are my worst symptom. I usually go quite a few times a day, always painful in itself. But when I have a normal day and I usually go in the morning and (sorry for tmi) it's more solid and normal I am left with an excruicating pain across my stomach and over my right ovary...it will stay there most of the day. I also have 2 days after my period that I have the worst pains before hand, like a knife digging in and will have to rush to the loo. It's always around 4/5pm too.

I have endo on my bowels (also will be looking at if it has gone through as I also have blood) across my rectum and on my right ovary and some parts are stuck together ( not sure where yet as I am awaiting my follow up after lap)

I hope this helped, it definitely does sound like endo or maybe adhesions causing pain. And you should consider ibs too. I have both.

Faye xx

Hi,I have similar symptoms to yours!just want to know if the endo is on the bowl are the able to remove it and does the pain go away?my worst pain i after I've been to the bathroom in the mornings.


It does sound like endo on bowel and ovaries. That's exactly what I had. I had trouble with bowel movements for years, kept getting fobbed off with IBS. Then when I couldn't fall pregnant I was finally sent for tests and then lap. Because my first lap showed severe endo all over ovaries and bowel I had to be sent to specialist and he decided to have the bowel surgeon present too. I'm not trying to scare you, but I got through it all fine, and didn't have to have a colostomy bag fitted (they do have to warn you of the worst case scenario when operating on or near your bowel). But yes the pain you get going to the toilet is not nice at all so I know what you're going through

My left ovary is completely hidden and squashed under the bowel, so I assume the pain is for that reason. Unfortunately for me they couldn't access the ovary as it was too hidden, and they couldn't get to it without possible severe damage to the bowel. But they did get rid of some endo from the bowel and other places. I don't get as much pain now (operation was March), and going to the toilet is easier now

Hopefully the lap will sort you out. Is it your first one? It may be if it's bad inside you have to have another one with bowel surgeon present too.

I find avoiding white breads, pasta, cakes, alcohol etc (all the nice things basically) helps greatly and the pain seems less sharp. Very hard to do. My motto has become - good and healthy all week long, then have a few treats at the weekend but stop again Monday morning. That way You can look forward to a cake, wine or whatever you like the most at the weekend! Endo on bowel sufferers do benefit greatly from an good diet. I also found a gentle senna tablet helped on really bad constipation days.

Good luck and take care!xx

Hey I have been having toilet issues for years, including having pain when going to the toilet, and have just recently been diagnosed with endo in my pouch of Douglas, bladder, uterus ligament and next to my bowel so it doesn't surprise me I have issues there. I also got diagnosed with something called pelvic floor dysfunction which might be worth you looking at depending on where your endo is and if you have severe constipation. My body just never wants to go, apparently this is because my pelvic floor muscles don't relax to let anything out but I also sometimes think I sub consciously keep things in because I know it will be painful. I get like a huge deep ache all along my pelvic floor as well as cramps, pain and swelling all along my bowel so you are definitely not alone xx

Hi there I had pain when having a bowel movement sometimes almost to the point of passing out on the toilet!! I had a lap last year and it turned out part of my bowel had stuck to my right ovary. Luckily the surgeon I had was an absolute legend and separated them himself. The pain was gone immediately after my op and it was great going to the toilet like a normal person. Unfortunately 17 months on and the same pain is slowly creeping back so I imagine in the near future I'll be having another lap

Hi there, me too. My bowel had attached itself to something and "corkscrewed" so hopefully your lap will give you some answers specific to you.

Thank you all so much for your comments, this is my 3rd lap. 1st lap they said I had IBS, the 2nd they said it was endo around my ovaries. My sister has had problems with her bowels where it fused itself to her spleen so I think bowel problems may run in the family. I have been tested to see if I was gluten intolerant as my symptoms worsen when I eat things with gluten in, but it came back all clear. I had a scan recently and was told that my uterus is tilted that much it is touching my bowel, so i'm thinking this could also be causing me some discomfort.

Thank you all so much for your comments I will let you all know how I get on after my lap only 16 days to go! Xx

I just had my first laparoscopy last Tuesday and no endo was found but they did diagnose IBS. Seems to be a pretty common thing for a first lap to be an ibs diagnosis. How long was there between your first and second lap? I'm gutted that they didn't find endo as daft as that sounds. At least if it's found the cause of pain can be treated. Now I'm back to square 1 again and not sure what to do :( What did you do after your first negative laparoscopy?

I was only 16 when I had my first lap (I am now 21) when they diagnosed IBS I tried every IBS tablet going and nothing worked, I watched what I ate and the pain just got worse. Doctors weren't listening, so my mum paid private for me to have my 2nd lap that's where they found the endo. I finally felt like I wasn't making the whole thing up. You just have to keep going, keep fighting. Endo is often mistaken for IBS as most of the symptoms are very similar. Hope you get sorted soon xx

I have this but I wasn't sure if it was my endo because I had a lapracopy in November and I've also just had a baby ten weeks ago and endo is suppose to improve( they didn't check if I was pregnant before laparoscopy!) I had a emergency c section so I thought it was that but I had a feeling it was endo. I usually get very bad pain in the mornings and have to go to toliet about 5 times and it eases throughout the day but then sometimes I don't go for ages ! Glad someone else is the same because doctors keep tellin me they don't think it's endo because I just give birth ! Xx

Oh yeh and I have servare endo it's on all organs and everywhere basically xx

Congratulations on your baby! I am the same, some days i can go 4/5 times a day then the likes of this week I haven't been at all. I don't know whether I am coming or going. I just have a feeling that when they do my lap they are just going to say there is nothing there, but something must be causing my pain and the extreme bloating. They have removed endo once, and the pain eased but it has been a few years now. Fingers crossed the lap is successful in finding the cause of all this. x

Yes I also suffer with this and my conclusion is that my left ovary is stuck (not sure to what yet but it isn't mobile) when I ovulate from my left it makes my pain and bowels much worse! The ovary starts to swell for the next egg from your period so it continues to enlarge for 10-16 days before releasing so if the ovary is attached to something this pressure has no where to go and In turn puts pressure on nearby organs in this case the colon! X

This happens to me a lot. I had my lap about a month ago and my surgeon said that pain and bowel issues happen when the endo is attached to the bowel. It can be tricky to remove because the bowel is delicate but depending on how bad the pain is they can do further ops if they can't try to sort it out with your lap. Hope all goes well xx

Thanks for all your comments they have all really helped me. Will keep you all informed on how my lap goes x

Make sure you are all seeing an endo specialist who knows what they are looking for. You can be referred to any NHS practising specialist through 'choose and book' just ask your GP. They might try and get you to go to the local general gyne but stick to your guns x

I have terrible trouble with bowel movements. Since January I have had a recurring pattern that every month I get incredible stabbing pains in my stomach followed by the runs :( for the rest of the month I get dull aches and cramps when going to the toilet. The doctors fobbed me off with ibs however my buscapan pills have no affect on it. the finally agreed my endo might be back and am booked in for another lap.

Hi I had my lap a few weeks ago and they did find endometriosis. They did find it on my bowel but I'm still suffering with a lot of pain. It's been horrendous. I'm finding it really difficult at the minute. I'm wondering if they may have missed something? Perhaps there is more endometriosis in the actual bowel?

I hope they get you sorted sarah_88. I'm not that clued up about it all, my last op they told me I has endo and fitted me with coil then that was the end of it. I'm almost certain it's on my bowel now, just hope they can find something when I go for my lap. Have you been back to the doctors? xx

I was wandering for so long ... what i am going through for 7year does sum1 else feel so...or am having sumthing unusuall but thnx God am not nly1 though its sumthng worse n horrible with aloooot of pain many ladies around the globe suffring with this bad prob of endomatriosis or chocalt cyst.the pains u r toking abt im going through same.b4 i had them nly during periods but now wen my endo lesions are grown on my intestine those tissues r joined together n creat massive pain during bowl movements even gases creat pains..i used to hav ginger tea with brown sugar hot1 u try it help a bit for quick bowl movment nd dnt let conspation it will kill u with pains.take fibers to make bowl movements easy...black tea is good with herbs it gves a lil relif sumhow :( but endo is sumthing painful.

I haven't been diagnosed with Endo, but I'm going to my doctor soon to ask about it, as I have a lot of indications towards that. I too have noticed that when I go to the toilet and 'push' I get severe pain near my right ovary. Also if I get wind it causes period like cramps (not where you get normal wind pains). I get episodes of loose stools (sorry tmi) where I can go up to 5 times a day which also causes pain, I don't know if that's related or not.

I have the same problem when I go to the toilet I get extremely constipated nothing helps and my right ovary hurts good luck on your lap I get mine on the 20th I have a question for you do you get back hip and groin pain and tingley legs my obgyn gave me nurontin not sure if it will help he seems to think it would help my back and leg pain cuz endo might be on a nerve causing pain but he said I could have a back problem as well so not sure

Hi I've been suffering so bad for months now they thought it was edo can't spell it sorry but when I went to have the camera through my belly they didn't find anything I've been for so many tests and not been able to get any results I'm so fed up now as anyone been through the same

I think this might be a possibility for me. I'm currently going through the process of finding out what is wrong, but the specialist I saw is saying it's most likely IBS-C.

I have constant pressure in my rectum and pelvis area, constant urge to go to the toilet, constipation (I can go 1-5 times a day but never feel empty), my stools alternate between hard and loose, I have pain only in the right hand side of my abdomen and that often goes further down into my pelvis (especially around my time of the month).

I am going to see a private consultant in the next couple of weeks, so hope that he looks into this for me! I'm sick of trying out all of these medications for IBS with nothing working :/

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