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Waiting on lap date


Hello everyone, im so anxious waiting on my lap date, does anyone know how the long the wait for the letter can be? I saw the gyno and had internal scan, which she said everything looks like its can move. Which makes me worry they wont find anything in the lap. I live in the south how long will the wait be? And has anyone else been told there was nothing found in the internal ultrasound?

Its mentally tough when its taken me 7 years to get to this point.. Although many years i just thought it was normal to feel pain. I just want to know now.

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Hi, I’m in the same boat as you, I was told it’s a 6months waiting list!!! So waiting patiently 😔 I’m also in the south. My scan did show fluid on my left Fallopian tube but not sure what else. I was told they can’t normally see endometriosis on the scan. Only can tell what’s really going on till the laparoscopy. Hope this helps xxx

Hey, my ultrasound scan was clear but during my lap they found a large cyst and endo around my uterus etc.

I live in Manchester and the wait was about 8 months. It got moved forward as I complained to PALS xx


I am also currently waiting for my lap and I live in the midlands. I had my pre op at the beginning of June and I rang two weeks ago for an update. They said in my hospital there are only 2 endo specialist and the waiting list is long!!

I have had to fight for nearly two years to get this far. When I spoke to the secretary they said if I got my doctor to do another letter to my surgeon then they should get me a date sooner. That day I got an appointment with my doctor and she sent it that day.

I will be ringing again for an update this weeks

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