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Here we go again!


Today i had a follow up appointment today that was supposed to be in November. As I sat in the waiting room I wrote down all questions I wanted to ask regarding what's next as I felt my appointment last month was rushed and didn't get all out what I wanted to.

I went into see my consultant ready to ask the questions (confident and ready lol) even he was ready to answer them. Then I got hit with the results of my MRI.

Seems like my ovaries love each other so much they are kissing again ( had them separated last year) and I now have endo on my bowel and colon. Felt like a gut punch :(

Surgery again!!! What?!! Seriously!! I only had major surgery a year ago WTH!!

This will be number 4 since being diagnosed in 2014/15.

So frustrated right now!!!

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So sorry you’re going through this, what a shock.

I hope you got to ask some questions and got some answers.

I’m waiting for MRI results before a date is set for my first lap, So I can’t pretend to understand what you must be feeling to know it’s come back so aggressively and so fast.

Did the consultant have any other options for you.

I hope you’re ok.

Wishing you the best of health for the future x

Cola13 in reply to vmagpie

Awww thanks for your reply. I'm on zolodex for the next few months to help with the pain and I have to go back in 3 months to discuss surgery. I have stage 3/4 endo so its quite severe and I always knew it would come back and progress but still :(. It's physically and mentally draining especially as I only had major surgery a year ago. Every time I think I'm moving forward it's something else.

I guess one day at a time.

I hope your MRI and lap goes well. Stay positive and just take it a day at a time.x

vmagpie in reply to Cola13

Thank you. I’m chasing mri results at the mo. Was told 10-14 days.. that was 4 weeks ago.

Seems every stage is more frustration.

I’m really hoping you get some relief and manage to maintain it.

All the best x

Hi. Research has shown positive results of having excision surgery. What type of surgery did you have? I am sorry that you are going through this. 😔

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