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How do you ladies cope with the emotional symptoms/side effects


About every 3 months I get very severe emotional symptoms relating to my cycle.. used to get this 2 weeks out of every month.

Along with all the pain/discomfort I feel regularly (and having 3 kids) I get to the point I feel like I’m having a break down.

I take things very personally and end up having negative thoughts about close friends and family and I feel so lonely..

this has come about again and Im feeling really low today.

Does anyone else get this and does there seem to be a pattern?

I’ve put myself through the mental health route twice because I couldn’t cope with my emotional fluctuations

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Hi I personally have a good cry & that makes me feel better for a bit. Have you spoken to your doctor as they may give you advice on what to do next? Explain how you feel, don’t be ashamed or embarrassed as I am sure a lot of us on here have the same feelings. Sending you a hug 💕x

Thanks for your reply,

Yes I’ve been on and off antidepressants for years, through community mental health team, time to talk etc..

but it just seems it’s down to my hormones or at least the fluctuations. I have severe pms and was kind of wondering if it’s related to endometriosis or just made worse because of all the pain symptoms.

Yesterday I needed a good cry, felt it would help but it wouldn’t come out haha typical!

Today I have had a much better day, so I’m on the other side hopefully

Thanks for your response xx

YES! Me!!! Today being one of those days! It was awful! I cried, ranted.. I felt as though I genuinely didn’t like anyone! I was hyper critical and couldn’t see the good in anything or anyone.. and of course felt like a horrible, nasty, ungrateful and unworthy person because of this.

I won an award yesterday and I felt NOTHING! I had to pretend I was thrilled and I felt like I was going mad! Like I’d been hijacked and I’d feel like this forever!

I’ve been on antidepressants before for pnd and today I’ve had huge surges of dread and anxiety that I’m right back ‘there’.

I know it’s hormones, but that doesn’t help my ability to control how I feel so strongly at the time!

I could’ve dumped my partner today and felt nothing..

I’m praying I get an appointment for the laparoscopy soon xxx

vmagpie in reply to elmfb

Hi, I’ve messaged you.. but wondering what was your award for? And well done. Shame you couldn’t enjoy it though.

I’m sure there is a link with endo.. our bodies just don’t cope with the ever fluctuating hormones!

Damn those female reproductive organs! Xx



I have had it for years and years. My pmts week( week before ) im all over show, moody then teary and anything anyone says to me is either wrong or makes me cry ...!i cant think straight it like brain fog, it like a emotional rollercoaster.

Then i come on and the pain is so IMMENSE i cant do anything but lay there with hot water bottle or ice pack and literally wana die.... for about 3 days im like that... then i go through the raging “ i wana fight everyone” then im so emotionally and physically shattered i generally sleep for 17 hours on day 5-6!

It awful and ive had laps and they show nothing!! Just bad blood clotting so put me on trans acid which does help the pain abit but not with the raging hormones.

Im now 44 and it just getting worse and worse every month.

It bloody exhausting.

Like u said out of a month i get two weeks free from anything.... then it into pmts then period then it takes me couple days to get over the period coz im so traumatised by it.

Oh and the bad dreams, jesus, am i the only one who has them vivid bad dreams!


vmagpie in reply to Lulububs

I get the dreams too! Weird ones like I had one where I was pooping out chickpeas.. it was so odd! Haha

Please look into pmdd, it’s a severe pms and shares a lot of the symptoms we both get.

Constantly searching for what’s ‘wrong’ just to feel like it’s not just character flaws/in my head.

I had the coil after my 3rd child and am on venlafaxine (antidepressants) and a lot of my emotional symptoms have calmed down a lot.

But I seem to swap symptoms every few months now either extreme moods or unbearable pain.

We can’t win!

Hope you’re okay xx

elmfb in reply to vmagpie

After reading about pmdd I feel convinced I’m suffering from it.

I used to feel suicidal at times, (very erratically), I’d feel separate from everyone like I was an odd ball..

I want a complete hysterectomy now! I want it all out!!!xxx

vmagpie in reply to elmfb

And that comes with a long list of symptoms and side effects too 😫

There seems to be no answer!

I’ve been in really bad places mentally/emotionally and the lines get blurred but it’s definitely my cycle.. get fobbed off with general depression due to family history etc. Xx

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