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Non stop bleeding on pill, what to do before lap


I am on the mini pill progesterone only, I have been bleeding on and off regularly for the last 7 months I have suspected endometriosis and going in for a diagnostic laparoscopy in October, still experiencing pain and also bleeding after sex, I’m just wondering will I stop taking this pill before I go in for opp as I’m non stop bleeding and I’m fed up, don’t know what to do? Any one have any advice.

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I had been diagnosed with endo 16 years ago via 3 d scan . And was out in zoladex and then on various combined pills .

I then had 2 laparoscopy too diagnose and treat . Then was put on pill for d endo to be controlled. I was great on microgynon for years . Until I started spotting . Ever since I’ve changed pills about 4 tines find d right one . I’m on Gedarel right now which gives me least side effects apart from my bp a bit elevated. So ur best bet right now is d surgery and then take it from there .

Any questions pm me .

siani3 in reply to tiger-cub

I’m glad you have found something that has worked I have been on the pill for almost 10 years and tried 7 pills I’m now on progesterone only pill but still bleeding I have lap in October o don’t know if I even have Endo yet but that’s what they think, I decided today to take myself off my pill as I haven’t stopped bleeding for nearly 7 months give or take a few days here and there, I’m on holiday next month and think maybe I give my body a rest of the pill before surgery and see what they say next step is thank you for your reply xx

tiger-cub in reply to siani3

Oh yes I was on progesterone too

To be honest progesterone only I feel is still d best with d least side effects.

I tried stopping the pill . But my periods were horrendous and painful . So had to go back on them . And kept getting cysts without pills .

I hope that u feel better pill free

And ur surgery solves ur problems or u go get some answers. It’s really difficult living with a disease which is not visible externally but Debilitating one every now and then . Xx

In the US I get quarterly shots of Depoprevera & the periods & pain disappeared

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