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Loestrin 20 - Updated experience


Hi All,

I thought I'd update you regarding my current experience on Loestrin 20. I'm now on my 3rd month and feel so much better...!! I love the fact that I did not get a single period or spotting so far! And this is already pretty great for me of course.

Sadly the PMS and other Endo symptoms/pains are still present, but they have decreased a lot, which is a very good improvement. I still have pain in my left thigh/groin and internal vaginal/uterus stabbing pains, but not as often as before and not as bad in intensity! Overall this pill is already helping me. I definitely feel less fatigued too, and although I still can't do all I would like to do at the gym, I'm going regularly and do what I can and I have good energy levels.

I hope that this feedback will help whoever has taken a progesterone-only-pill and that has not found that helpful in any way... There is HOPE!! :)


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