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How of you ladies suffer from painful sex and if so where is your endo?


I have been to the doctors and described my symptoms in regards to having painful intercourse and I explained to her that I had my endo removed last year however she thinks from my symptoms (pain during and after sex and a small amount of bleeding) it is back. How fast did your endo grow back and if so what where your symptoms? X

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Sorry to hear it’s maybe come back. I also get pain from intercourse :( not had operation yet so I can’t answer your question. Hope you are having a good day x


Hi I get a lot of pain from intercourse too, it's put me off for life! I had my op last October haven't had sex since then so don't know if the op helped the pain been too scared to try x


I had a laparoscopy in 2014, and was told afterwards that having the operation is the only way to get a clear diagnosis of endometriosis, but..... having the endo removed, can actually make it grow back quicker and worse than before.

Talk about a catch twenty two.

My stage 4 endo grew back withing 3 months, with the same symptoms of heavy bleeding, msucle cramps, painful periods, pain in abdomen between periods etc

The endometrial tissue tends to lie behind the vagina and the lower part of the uterus, affecting the uterine nerves / ligaments. This makes intercourse more painful because of the 'thrusting motion' during intercourse, pushes and pulls at the growths.


It can also be, that knowing about the pain, causes the muscles to tense up, without us ladies even realising it, hence the benefits of 'foreplay' and 'oral'.

A nurse at the hospital suggested trying a sex toy, something like a dildo (as they come in various sizes) used with lots of lube, as this can help stretch the virginal muscles, which become tight due to the endo lesions and contribute to painful intercourse.

Not being in a relationship, I never bothered looking at this, but it might be something to think about.

I know a friend who also has endo and uses a dildo with her partner (she gave permission for me to mention this this).

Its not the same as the actual deed, but it is something they can do together in the bedroom, helping to further cement their relationship, still gives the personal / intimate

touch and both gives them pleasure.

There is a lot of information on the net, about using toys for endo in the bedroom, either alone or with a partner.

Hope this helps.

Good like with everything


P.s - also trying looking at some vitamins which can help ( vitamin B complex, vitamin C, Vitamin E, zinc, magnesium, iron etc suggest getting these levels looked at)

I would also recommend using unhomogenised milk (apologies to any vegans), this is where the cream is still floating around.

Having Homogenized milk is one of the worse things for endo.

If you do not like the cream you can always skim it off, or look at an alternative such as one of the nut milks. Personally I am limited to alternative milks, due to other health conditions, and find these disgusting for my latte. You can buy unhomogenised milk from Tesco and Waitrose.

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